7 Must Get Items for New Moms

A newborn baby will change your life drastically either for the better or the worse, but the good news is – it’s up to you! You can never be too safe and we’re sure you’re already well prepared for this huge event, but we’re going to go over some major things that you should buy if you’re expecting a baby any time soon in case something slipped your mind.

  1. Baby stroller. It’s really hard to find someone who forgets to buy a baby stroller, but it’s easy to find someone who has bought a bad baby stroller. Try picking yourself something lightweight as you will eventually have to carry it somewhere. There are also multi-functional strollers which transform into a baby car seat so you can save some of your money instead of purchasing both of them separately.
  1. Baby carrier. This is another great way to carry your baby around and it also has more practical uses than a stroller. Unless you really enjoy back pain, try to get yourself one that’s really comfortable and invest a lot of time when choosing it as it can ruin your day in no time.
  1. A crib. Now that you have everything you need to walk around with your newborn, you also need a place for him to sleep. There are plenty of alternatives, but a crib is probably the best thing you can get. Make sure you get a sturdy one as some babies tend to be as strong as the Hulk and will break a cheap plastic one really quickly.
  1. A high chair. This is an essential thing for homes with newborn babies as it makes eating process much easier. If you’re a fan of restaurants, get one that fixes itself on the top of the chair instead of getting the chair itself. Of course it’s best to avoid restaurants when you have a baby as it’s probably a bad idea, but we all know that we want to spoil ourselves sometimes.dirty baby
  1. A breastfeeding pillow. Although babies look small, they’re getting heavier by the day and you will soon find yourself getting tired very quickly while holding your baby when breastfeeding. Unless you’re looking forward to some kind of arm wrestling event, you should definitely get yourself a breastfeeding pillow as it will make the process much easier.
  1. Diaper bag. There are many great diaper bags that will look as good as your trendy purse, but if you’re looking for something reliable, avoid those mass-marketed deals on cute diaper bags. Getting yourself a comfortable diaper bag will make your life easier as most of them are either made to attach to strollers or they have adjustable handles so you can use them as a backpack so it’s up to you to decide whether looking good beats practicality.
  1. Dunstan Baby Language. Being prepared physically is one thing, but a good mentality is even more important. This book will help you through early days when your baby is crying all the time. The cries of a newborn baby are different each time and you will understand every single one of them after finishing this book. You will achieve an ease of mind and avoid all the frustration caused by your baby crying so it’s definitely worth investing some time and money for a chance to understand your newborn’s needs.