Get $23.96 Off 4 Sigma Beauty Brushes
Get 4 Synthetic Brushes at Only $41.04

Looking a set of brushes that boasts precision in application? The Sigma Beauty Synthetic Precision Kit provides you not one, but four brushes at an affordable $41.04! Thanks to Sigma’s 30% discount, this set is brought down to $45.60 from $65 and an additional 10% New Year’s discount adds up the total savings to $23.96. In this set, you will find the P80-Precision Flat brush that’s great for covering up spots and blemishes, the P82-Precision Round brush for application of eye primers or bases, P84-Precision Angled brush for creating angles on the face and nose, and lastly, the P86-Precision Tapered brush built for concealer application in those hard-to-reach places like under the eyes and around the mouth.