Save 35% Off Biltmore Bedding Collection
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Looking to revamp your bedroom with some touches of elegance? Bored of just plain bedspreads and generic curtain designs? Well, the Biltmore® For Your Home Charity Bedding Collection is now on a great deal and you can have a brand new perspective to your room just by adding in these few items! The name Biltmore is inspired by the Tapestry Gallery at Biltmore Estate, North Carolina and the designs used in this collection are inspired by tapestries hanging in that very gallery. This collection is designed to make you feel exclusive and one of a kind as you lay your head on a comforter set that’s got a historical story to tell.

At a steal price of $199.99, the Biltmore® For Your Home Charity Blue Queen Comforter Set is all yours to roll around in! Its royal color combination of blue and gold is sure to bring out the luxuriousness in any bedroom. While it is originally priced at $308, a 35% discount allows you to save $108.01 on this Queen-sized comforter set. Decedent and everlasting, the beauty of the Charity Blue Queen Comforter Set is enhanced when accompanied with the square and oblong pillows, the drapes as well as the valance!