Save $104.30 Off Craftsman Gas Chain Saw
Get Craftsman 50 cc 20" Gas Chain Saw With Case at $175.69

This magnificent beast of a machine is the buyer’s pick at Sears so if you’re in need of a chainsaw, go with the Craftsman 50 cc 20" Gas Chain Saw. Not only does it come with its own case, it also comes with a great discount! Originally priced at $279.99, it is now yours at $195.69 after a splendid 34%. Add in the $20 Sears discount code (LAWN20) and this brand new chain saw is yours for an unbelievable $175.69! The Craftsman chain saw boasts great safety measures such as a safety kill switch with a safety lock and a reduced kickback bar and chain. On top of that, this equipment also comes with an automatic chain oiling feature to help extend your machine’s lifespan and a reduced vibration design so you can work comfortably as well!