Get NordicTrack Trainer at $579.99
Get NordicTrack E 6.7 Elliptical Trainer at $579.99

With the NordicTrack E 6.7 elliptical machine, you can streamline your workout to focus on the targeted muscle groups just by simply changing the inclination. This modern exercising machine was originally priced at $899.99 but at Sears, you get to save $300 and purchase the Elliptical at just $579.99 all thanks to Sears’ 33% discount and $20 discount code (FITNESS). What is so great about this fitness machine, you ask? Well, besides the fact that it comes with an in-built sound system for you to play music with, this device also comes with the iFit® technology so your exercise machine can also be your personal trainer, suggesting appropriate workout routines for you as well as automatically tracking your every workout and every calorie burned!