The Winner of $1,500 School Scholarship 2015

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? Your hobbies or extracurricular activities?

Currently, as this is the transitioning point for me in regard to education, between high school and college, most of my time is preoccupied with either work or study. However, I do enjoy both work and study because it gives me a chance to expand my horizons and be better prepared for life ahead. For example, as I plan to pursue secondary education in Asia, I put forth huge efforts to incorporate Asian language study into my routine. Studying Chinese, Thai, and Cantonese all simultaneously may seem daunting for some, but for me, it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and consider it t be one of my most favorite hobbies. Along with this, I have the wonderful opportunity to practice with people, making new friends in the process and even bridging the gap between cultures. One might say, I am a very cultured individual with a deep desire to learn new things.

How did you feel when you found out you won the $500 scholarship?

Excited, proud, anything that can be expected of a scholarship recipient. The attainment of a scholarship establishes a level of confidence within one self. As I have been awarded this wonderful scholarship, I now realize the possibility of being awarded others.

What do you think about the questions asked on our application form?

The questions asked on the application form where nothing but the best when it regards bringing an individual to a state of deep thought and contemplation. The questions where well written, and most definitely bring out the best in us though our academic responses.

Where will you use the money?

The money I will receive will go straight into my college savings, of which I will use toward traveling abroad for university. From an early age it has been my dream to study abroad for college. As I have done so already in high school through a full ride scholarship, receiving this scholarship will bring me one step closer to reaching my long term goal debt free.

Is it relatively easy to get a scholarship to study in the United States or it requires a ton of work and persistence?

In order to get a scholarship of any kind, and individual must first realize that hard work must be done. I believe the attainment of a scholarship is analogous to anything in life, where, the harder one works and the persistent one is, the more they will get out of life. In the same way, the more of an effort one makes toward receiving a scholarship, the more scholarship money they will ultimately receive.

What would your advice be to our next year's applicants? What should they pay attention to?

Like all things in life, scholarships are awarded to the ones who not only work hard, but persistently work hard. I would strongly advise that they keep in mind that as long as they have a passion to do something, and the work ethic to bring their dreams to realities, like all things in life, scholarships will flow in from all directions.