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Coupons & Deals from ChameleonJohn

ChameleonJohn is an online coupons platform, serving millions of fellow American shoppers with the best deals at their favorite stores. Since it’s beginnings, ChameleonJohn has grown into one of the most popular coupon websites, now having over half a million unique visitors per month and offering discounts for more than 100,000 stores with as many as 30 active deals per store. However, it’s not the quantity of the coupons that matters to us – it’s the size of the discounts. We offer up to 70% off most various goods and services, from Nike shoes to various food deals. The result? Over $1,000,000 of lifetime savings for our customers.

What we are truly proud of is the completeness of our assortment of shops that we have discounts for. Be it Amazon, Nordstrom or Overstock, we have got you covered. Click on any of those stores and find deals like % off the whole purchase, free shipping vouchers, coupons offering free gifts and many more great types of saving opportunities.

Find the Best Deals on the Internet Yourself!

DIY is the new age mantra, and ChameleonJohn is all for it. Much the reason why, we always emphasize that if you want to get a truly great deal, you have to do some digging across the Internet.

Just imagine a scenario where your shopping cart is flashing items that you have truly wanted to have for a while, but there’s a tiny problem – it’s just toppling your budget. Since dropping items off your cart is a no-go, the only viable option that can somewhat salvage your budget is to get the best deals by applying the best coupons. Again, it’s easier said than done, and we are well and truly aware of it. Therefore, at ChameleonJohn, we have assembled one of the largest and widest collections of the most authentic coupons, deals and sales that offer maximum saving potential.

The process you have to follow is quite simple.

  • Search for the store of your choice.
  • Choose the coupon that suits your needs the best.
  • Read the conditions for applying the coupon.
  • Enjoy the coupon by applying it during the checkout at the store’s website.

A more detailed procedure is given in the latter half of this page, but these are the steps you need to do. So, make a move, find the very best of deals – free shipping, extended warranty, up to 70% product discounts, flat-out dollar discounts, freebies, promos – you name it.

It is important to note that all of these deals are sourced directly from the merchants, hence they are perfectly genuine. In other words, unlike the click-maze that many coupon websites are, ours is a simple, easy-to-use platform, where deals that can work wonders for you aren’t hidden behind a dozen registration pop-ups, newsletter sign-ups or personal details requests.

So, are you ready to find the hottest online coupons updated and graded in real-time, every day? If yes, just read on to know more about online coupons and why they are all the rage today.

Online Coupons vs Physical Coupons

Ever since newspapers started penetrating the very last house even in the remotest of areas, coupons suddenly became the most efficient way of hitting two bricks with one stone –

  • a. To get the word out – publicity.
  • b. To lure customers in – customer acquisition.

For businesses, offering 10% or 15% discounts on their products through physical coupons distributed on mass scale via newspapers became a sure-fire way of getting these two things accomplished quickly.

This was soon accompanied by flyers, cold mails and free coupon giveaways at public places. Physical coupons had a dream run for many decades, simply because they presented the only option for businesses and merchants to reward their customers for loyalty, all the while making sure that they retained their valuable fan-base. But boy, how things have changed since the advent of the Internet!

Today, very few of us actually subscribe to paper copies of ‘newspapers’ – we prefer news apps and digital subscriptions. Flyers are just as rare, and cold mail has been dutifully replaced by cheap junk mail in our email inboxes. So, it’s no wonder that online coupons are well on their way to usurp physical coupons in every conceivable way. But how do both these entities compare? What are the in’s and out’s? How to tell which one is better?

We know you’ve got questions – that’s why we have come up with answers.

  • Online Coupons - Online coupons are usually distributed – it goes without saying, really – through various online channels like emails, app notifications, website specific codes etc. Online coupons are produced on mass scale, meaning that one coupon can be useable for many customers. This makes it easy for users to spread the word around among their friends and peers.

  • Physical Coupons - These are becoming more and more dated with every passing year. Of course, there is still a section of people out there who prefer to do the things old-fashioned way, and for them, physical coupons can be a great help. As the name suggests, physical coupons are usually distributed through physical channels like newspapers, snail mail, pamphlets etc.

Why Online Coupons Fare Much Better than Physical Coupons

It is a clear case of ease-of-use and ease-of-access.

Online coupons, as one might rightly expect, are much more popular than physical ones. This popularity is also well justified with the fact that online coupons usually fare much, much better than their physical counterparts on many fronts.

  • Easy to Use - To use physical coupons, you would be needed to actually drive down to the store more often than not, while an online coupon can be applied easily and instantly.
  • Control - We all know physical coupons – being printed on sleek sheets or small craft papers as they are – are usually misplaced or tucked into some drawer for them to never see the light of day again. Online coupons, however, can be easily saved and used whenever you want.
  • Comparison - Unlike physical coupons, online coupons can be compared for authenticity and usability quite easily by performing simple web searches.
  • Variety - With online coupons, you get a variety of options – from free shipping to dollar discount. This luxury is usually not offered by physical coupons.
  • Green - Online coupons don’t waste paper space, meaning that they are eco-friendly and green.

As a leading platform with hundreds of thousands of online coupons, we, at ChameleonJohn, are thrilled to infer that online coupons are the norm of the day!

With that in mind, let’s move on and see what types of online coupons are floating out and about in the world of the Internet.

Types of Online Coupons

Although there are quite a few types of online coupons out there, and many merchants keep coming up with brilliant new ideas, most coupons can be sorted into a handful of broad categories.

  • Promotional Coupons - These are usually found in the largest numbers all over the retail section of global market. Promotional coupons are meant to acquire new customers, rather than rewarding the existing ones.

    Sign-up or joining codes, incentives and referral programs come under this heading.

    For example, ‘Sign up with the code xyz and earn free store credits.’

  • $ Off Coupons - Flat out money off coupons are also extremely common. You must have come across many of them while browsing the web for various products. Such coupons are usually meant to directly benefit the customer by giving them a fixed discount on the final price of the product or service. There is, however, a certain threshold of purchase amount to validate these coupons.

    For example, ‘$10 off a minimum purchase of $75.’

  • Percentage Off Coupons - These are pretty similar to money off coupons. The only difference here is that these offer discounts that are proportionately larger or smaller according to the total purchase value.

    In most cases, there is an upper cap for such discounts.

    For example, ‘Get 20% off (up to $50) for all successful purchases with a minimum cart value of $100.’

  • Quantity Coupons - Quantity coupons are typically rolled out to incentivize bulk purchases of products. It’s quite common to come across such coupons during an off-season (just after Christmas, for instance).

    For example, ‘Buy 2 and get 1 absolutely free.’

  • Seasonal/Festive Coupons - These coupons are released to mark special occasions, events, dates, seasons or festivals.

    Halloween discounts, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals are great examples of this category.

  • Printable Coupons - Printable coupons are quite unique in that they combine the best of online and physical coupons. Such coupons are generally emailed to customers who are supposed to print them out and present at the local store or point of sale.

  • Free Shipping Coupons - Shipping charges can often turn a small purchase into a sour one. You surely don’t want to pay $20 in shipping fees for a gadget that’s worth $90, do you?

    That’s where free shipping coupons come into the fray. With these, you can save a good deal of money on shipping and handling charges.

  • Stackable Coupons - Stackable coupons are quite rare to come by. Most online coupons cannot be clubbed with any other coupons, limiting their saving potential. Stackable coupons, however, can allow you to save considerably more by stacking two or more coupons together.

    For example, by stacking ten coupons worth $5 each, you can get a $60 product just for $10!

  • Upsell and Prelaunch Coupons - Upsell coupons are dished out to customers after they buy products or services from a merchant, in order to retain their loyalty.

    Similarly, prelaunch coupons are offered to create the ‘marketing buzz’ among target customers.

How to Find and Apply Coupons

To find the best coupons, just enter the store/merchant name in the search box and hit enter – you will have a Pandora’s Box of relevant coupons opened right on your screen. Alternatively, you can sign up for our newsletter to keep on top of all-things-coupon. Rest assured, we won’t be spamming you with irrelevant deals and will send only top weekly savings soured from all over the Internet.

Once you find coupons that you are looking for, just click the field next to the name to reveal the code. For automatic coupons, we will redirect you straight to the merchant website – one less thing for you to worry about and no coupon code needed to apply.

But in most cases, you have to enter the coupon code at the final stage of the purchase, while checking out and making the payment. It’s really so easy!

Statistics of Coupon Savings

Coupons can really make a difference. Just take a look at these numbers to see for yourself.

  • Nearly 2/3rd of buyers who buy stuff that’s worth more than $100 search for applicable coupons.
  • Free shipping coupons have been among the most searched keywords on Google for over 5 years.
  • Our website users save $25 on an average per coupon.
  • Over 30 million Americans use coupon apps/websites regularly (once a month, at least).
  • In 2015, collective coupon savings in America were estimated to be equivalents of $3.5 billion
  • Online coupons are 5 times more likely to be used than physical ones.
  • After the recession of 2008, coupon usage in America has shot up by roughly 40%

How to Make the Most of Your Coupons

To make the most of your coupons, you need to optimize the usage. Here’s how:

  • Read the qualifying criteria of coupons carefully. Dates and dollar value are two things to look out for primarily.
  • Don’t use coupons for items that are already on sale Most of products which are on sale or clearance don’t stack with any additional discounts.
  • Never let stackable coupons go to waste.
  • Don’t hesitate to use a calculator to see how much you would be saving with different combinations of coupons and products.
  • If you participate in loyalty programs make sure to keep a tab on your earnings – use them before they expire.
  • Paying for shipping is too mainstream – check our website to find free shipping codes
  • Participate in referral programs with wide-cover websites like Amazon and BestBuy.
  • Lastly, DO NOT buy a product just because you have a coupon for it. Buy it if and only when you really need it.