$1,000 Annual Student Scholarship

Our mission at ChameleonJohn.com is to help people save money on their online purchases. That is why we get the best coupon codes from hundreds of online stores around the United States. After having saved money for thousands of consumers, we decided to give a hand to students who are struggling financially and thus established an annual University Student Scholarship with which we give away $1,000 every year to one student in the United States.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
- Benjamin Franklin

USA University Student Scholarship
$1,000 USA University Student Scholarship
Current or future (next year) students (of any year) are eligible for the scholarship. The $1,000 scholarship will be divided between 2 winners, awarding $500 to each one of them. The money will be transferred to their University’s finance/bursar account to cover the tuition fee.
Application Process Will End In:
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Recent Winners

"I was completely overjoyed and couldn't believe what I was reading. I felt very blessed and relieved to have received this scholarship." Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 8651

"When I got the email saying I was awarded the award I was in disbelieve. After realizing I had actually won, it felt as if a physical weight was lifted off of me. After spending months trying to put together a way to pay for school, and then having ChameleonJohn recognize that I was worth investing in, it was a very emotional moment." Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 6114

"I feel so blessed that I won the $10,000 scholarship. After I received the email from ChameleonJohn that there were 1771 applicants I was very intimidated and definitely did not expect to win. It was a huge surprise for me and every time I remind myself that I won, I get even more excited. This scholarship was very important for me because it covers my whole tuition for one year at Cal Poly. This means that I don’t have to worry about not being able to register for classes, which relieves me and my mother from a lot of pressure. If I hadn’t received it I would have had to take some loans to finance my education. I would also have to find a job either on campus or outside of campus which would not allow me to take as many classes as I would like to in order to graduate on time." Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 1771

"I was honestly very excited and surprised that I had been presented this scholarship because I knew 200 people applied and only 3 were rewarded this scholarship. When I received the email at, at first, I was in disbelief, but after each time I read it I became more excited." Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 212

"Excited, proud, anything that can be expected of a scholarship recipient. The attainment of a scholarship establishes a level of confidence within one self. As I have been awarded this wonderful scholarship, I now realize the possibility of being awarded others." Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 212

"I was very shocked to hear the news that I was chosen for a scholarship, it seemed too good to be true. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity!" Read More...

Total Amount of Applications Received: 212