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Our mission at ChameleonJohn.com is to help people save money on their online purchases. That is why we get the best coupon codes from hundreds of online stores around the United States. After having saved money for thousands of consumers, we decided to give a hand to students who are struggling financially and thus established an annual University Student Scholarship with which we give away $1,000 every year to one student in the United States.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
- Benjamin Franklin

2018-19 Scholarship Winners!

We at ChameleonJohn.com appreciate ALL of the submissions we received for our 2018 Scholarship program. We sincerely hope that the chosen winners benefit from the proceeds of the Scholarship.  We love to help people save money, our #1 goal as a business, and assisting with education costs is another awesome way to help with that.

We know many of the people submitting their applications made high quality efforts to think of “different ways” to envision both our Political and Educational landscapes.  As selectors, we noted several submissions, if combined by the real world, could have some merit and make headway with positive changes.  A hidden goal of ours was to spur thought, potentially spur action, but mainly to have people “dream” of solutions that may help one day.

So many of our submissions had extremely similar ideas and concepts. For education, the most noted and common thoughts were for identifying that each person learns differently and for “Life Skills; writing checks, doing taxes, processing loan applications”, etc.  These are highly important and valued thoughts, so we looked to a more encompassing process of learning and teaching.  As for the Political landscape, again, a lot of similarities in thought, most of which was about forcing politicians to compromise and be more mindful of their constituents’ ideas and vote for what is right, not just abide to party lines.

It was exceptionally difficult to narrow our submissions down to even a select few.  While many of the submissions focused on just the problems, those that gave solutions with greater detail were filtered into the next stage.  Conveyance of the solutions to the problems identified was important.  Some submissions were highly technical while some were very simplistic: both making sense and intelligent in their own ways. Presentation and staying to the topic while having clear goals and solutions encompassing all, if not most, everyone affected was how we decided to make the following selections:


Congratulations to


  1. How the United States can shorten the ever-widening gap between the main two political parties, bring them closer together, including, but not limited, to specifics toward compromise for the greater good

Name of Winner:  Troy Samoski

Winning Essay-

Just the fact that there are two main opposing sides makes for a winner and a loser. If I win then that means you lose. So, if we the people were to eliminate all political parties and just maintain one affiliation, we would have a better chance to agree on matters that concern our country. When you remove the friction of my side versus your side, we have a better chance to talk matters through and come to a compromise for the greater good of all the people. If you remove the pressure to vote one way or the other just because one is a Republican or a Democrat you then can have the ability to vote with your heart, vote with your education, vote with an informed mind. Fundraising should be changed completely. All campaigns for a national office should be given a set amount of funds by the government. This keeps each person on the same ground. PAC’s can only give to the national campaign fund, individuals can only donate to the national campaign fund. This now allows the candidate to focus on a campaign to meeting and speaking to the people. We now have the opportunity to learn about them, their values they have, what issues are a priority to them. By eliminating the political sides that we now have, frees us to become one with the people who voted us into office, we now can serve the people who elected us to the office. Serving the people should be viewed as a privilege, not a cart blanc to be sour and bitter to your fellow member. It’s okay to have your own opinion and thoughts on what is right and wrong. It’s wrong to take sides just because you’re a member of a certain party. Maybe we should look back 200 years and try to understand the meaning behind what our forefathers were trying to break away from. Sometimes looking to the past can improve the future. People will always disagree, and that’s okay, as long as it is with merit and not party affiliation. Just look to our Constitution. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Nowhere does it say we are two parties; nowhere does it say to vote yes or no because your parties oppose the other. Nor does it say to fight or disagree because of your party. It has become easy to lose sight of what elected officials were put into office to do. Why because they have to go with their political parties, eliminate the parties eliminate the division that is taking place. For us to be one for the people, we must be one party, not many.


  1. How the overall educational system of the United States can be looked at differently to promote different learning techniques and stimulate learning of all groups getting individuals better prepared for life outside/after school.

Name of Winner: Siyani Merriweather

Winning Essay:

While I have a large appreciation for the educational system, I can largely see how it can combine different learning styles to better assist students in school and their profession. In the education system it is commonly misconstrued that when it comes to teaching and learning that one size fits all. Each student cannot learn the same material the same way, being that everyone has a preference on how to obtain information. There are four different learning styles which are: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The issue is typically schools only cater to one of those styles. A better way to approach this is by schools equipping the student’s skills associated with every learning style, so when it comes to being a professional they would have been exposed to various strategies. The first style is visual. This learner sees in pictures and is an observer. They can recall previous information and obtaining new information by seeing it in a picture in their mind. These learners memorize by strong visual associations, and have a difficult time remembering verbal information unless written down. How to cater to this learner can be done in multiple ways. Asking them to draw a poster on what they have learned, drawing pictures or diagrams, presentations, and using patterns or shapes. In the professional setting they will use this style by drawing out business goals, visual presentation for a business leader, and infographics attract as well. These visuals should perfectly correlate with the material that is being depicted. The second style is auditory. This learner obtains information best when it is heard or spoken. They acquire information best when recited out loud. They like to engage in lectures, group discussion, auditory reading, and talking. Repetition is their routine way of obtaining the information. Using a mnemonic device, a device that helps with memorization, is beneficial to this learner. These learners prefer their voice or someone else's rather than written words. This style can be shown in the professional setting through meetings, oral presentations, and networking events. The third style is reading/writing. This learner prefers written words and is text-based. This may seem like visual, but this learner is captivated to learn through actual words, not pictures. These are the avid readers. They are attracted to writing: essays, diary entries, short stories, and sentences, as well as reading: books, articles, blogs, and dictionaries. Ways to fulfil this learner is by having them write a sentence explaining what they learned, making flashcards, research projects, giving journal questions and essays. In a professional setting this can be utilized with written outlines, research, structured business, and even slogans. The fourth style is kinesthetic. These are tactile/physical learners. This is an hands on learner that learn best by doing rather than seeing, hearing, or writing. Touching, doing, experimenting are the ways these learners secure information. These students are typically active and usually engaged in social events. Ways to accommodate these learners can be exercises that require movement to demonstrate, labs, role playing, games, and even dances. Once the material is tied into something that can be experienced or physical the students should understand the concept. A hands-on person makes for a great business leader since a business requires action. This style can build a great dynamic in the work force that builds a great team. Role-playing is a physical effective way to learn when it comes to consumers and negotiation. As someone who is not only in school, but also practices in a professional setting at an Animal Hospital, I am a kinesthetic learner. I benefit vastly by being hands on. Practicing different strategies on the same situations is an appreciable way to being able to succeed. Once the student masters their learning style they will be able to carry their tactics into their professional life, because they will have the ability to approach their role in different ways to be benefits and efficiency to a business. As a business it is greatly valuable when multiple learning styles can be blended together to create a strong productive workforce. Thank you for the opportunity to submit this application and essay.


ChameleonJohn.com would like to thank all of those that contributed to what we feel was a successful Scholarship program and we look forward to growing this list for future Scholarships.  Special thanks to a very well-respected educator and author, Mr. Sean Crevier, for his input and advice.

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