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Here at, you’ll find updated lists of best Hotwire promo codes, currently offer up to 60% discount on Hot Rate® hotel booking and up to 40% off on airfare, you can also take advantage of Hotwire car rental, rates start as low. Also, check all other promo codes for even more savings on all of your vacation needs!

Up to 60% Off 4+ Star Hot Rate® Hotel Booking

Get up to 60% discount on a huge range of 4+ star hotels in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Boston, Chicago and a lot more destinations at
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  • Ends 01/01/2019
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Up to 40% Off Hot Rate® Flights

Save up to 40% off a variety of Hot Rate® flights to your desired locations at
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  • Ends 01/01/2019
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Up to 60 % OFF -Economy Cars from $9.95

Save on a selection of car rental brands in Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, Seattle and more, rental prices start at $9.95.
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  • Ends 08/17/2018
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Hurry this Hotwire Exclusive won't last! 10% off $100 Hot Rate Hotels in Las Vegas Using Code

Hotwire Exclusive: 10% off $100 Hot Rate Hotels in Las Vegas Using Code! (8/10-18)
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  • Ends 08/19/2018
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Up to 60% Off Hot Rate® Hotels in Las Vegas

Save up to 60% off when you book your desired Hot Rate® hotels in Las Vegas at
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Up to 50% Off Honolulu Vacations + Travel Guide & Tips

Save up to 50% off when you book a flight + hotel package in Honolulu, plus check the travel guide and all vacation tips at
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Up to 60% Off Hotel & Flight Deals

Save up to 60% off currently active hotel and flight deals in sunny, family destinations and more.
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Hot Rate® Car Rentals from $7.99

Save big when you rent a car from Hot Rate® car deals starting at just $7.99 at
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Up to $570 Off Vacation Packages

Save up to $570 off when you book a vacation package which includes hotel + flight, hotel + flight + car or hotel + car at
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Up to 60% Off Hotels at Popular Destinations

Get up to 60% discount on a huge variety of hotels in favorite destinations including Dallas, Washington, California and more at
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Up to 50% Off New York Hotels

Get up to 50% off when you book a hotel in New York at
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Up to 50% Off Current Deals (Mobile App)

Save up to 50% off when you use the Hotwire mobile app to to book your wanted hotels in popular destinations.
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Up to 55% Off The Best Hotel Bargains

Save up to 55% off when you book a hotel from The Best Hotel Bargains category.
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Up to 60% Off Last Minute Deals

Get up to 60% off a selection of last minute deals including the whole packages, flights and more at
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Exclusive Email Only Deals, Offers, Travel Info & More

Receive exclusive and personal email deals, offers, travel info, the best rates and more when you subscribe for newsletter at
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Today’s Best Hotwire Promo Codes, Editors' Picks - August 16th
Coupon Promo Code/Deal Activate Coupon
Up to 60% Off 4+ Star Hot Rate® Hotel Booking Deal View
Save Up to 60% Off Last Minute Hotels Deal View
Up to 60% Off Hot Rate® Hotels in Las Vegas Deal View
Up to 50% Off Honolulu Vacations + Travel Guide & Tips Deal View
How to Apply Coupons at
  • Found the deal you were looking for? Time to checkout. Click on the big red “Book Now” button on the right-side panel of the deal’s page (just below the price). This will take you to the payment screen

  • Once there, look for the “Promo Code” option on the right side of the screen. You’ll find it below your overall trip’s details and just above the total price of the trip. Click on the “Promo Code” text, and a small window will appear.

  • Enter the promo code you’ve redeemed from ChameleonJohn in the window and watch the price adjust.

  • If it says “INVALID” after you’ve clicked “Apply”, make sure you’ve entered the code correctly. A good way to avoid this mistake is to simply copy-paste the coupon code straight from our website. If that doesn’t help, the code might have already expired.

  • Continue through the order form by entering your personal/payment details and clicking the “Book Now” button below the form. Follow the instructions given by until you’re entirely sure your booking has been confirmed. If you face any problems along the way, do not hesitate to contact the support staff immediately.

Why Should You Book via

With so many booking search engines available online, a natural question might appear: what makes Hotwire special?

To begin with, have one of the cleanest, user-friendly interfaces in the market. Every single detail on their website, from fonts and color selections to booking instructions and overall functionality is designed to make booking as easy as possible for all traveler groups, including tech-unsavvy ones. On, you won’t find banner apps or excessive sales-y text pitches, just the essential information needed to make a booking decision.

Then, there’s the entirety of services that Hotwire offers. Some travel search engines browse through flight deals, others allow you to rent cars or book hotels. With Hotwire, you’ll be able to book everything for your vacation in a stress-free fashion, including flight tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms or even all-in-one vacation packages.

Lastly - and this is probably what truly sets Hotwire apart from their competition - is Hotwire’s dedication to bringing their visitors the best possible travel deals. If you’re not entirely sure where it is exactly you want to spend your holidays at (or if you don’t particularly care), Hotwire is the go-to place for you. Here, you’ll be able to see all of the world’s hottest travel deals right on the homepage; all that’s left for you to do is to choose. They’re even asking you to refresh your browser if you’ve stayed idle for a few minutes in order to update the prices, and let you know if something has changed while you were browsing - that’s how diligent they are in bringing only the best deals to their customers. And, don’t forget that even the most shamelessly discounted offers can be made even better. Booking Tips

  • If you don’t have travel insurance yet, but are planning to get one for the trip you’re about to book, consider using Hotwire’s Trip Protection feature. The insurance is provided through their partners, Allianz Global Assistance, and covers booking related issues (cancellations, trip interruptions), problems while traveling (baggage losses, baggage delays, flight delays, etc.) and medical emergencies (dental included). You can find more information on the Trip Protection insurance here.

  • When booking a hotel, make sure to carefully go through all of the information available on each hotel’s Hotwire page. Although this is not true in every case, most hotel pages contain pretty much all of the relevant information you’d want to know when making a booking decision, presented in laconic fashion. While the “Hotel Details” section will let you know what kind of facilities does the hotel accommodate and what amenities are available in the rooms (Wi-Fi connection, for example), the minimap will instantly give you an idea where the hotel is located (so you don’t have to manually type the address in Google maps yourself). Most hotels also have a healthy review section that’ll let you know what previous visitors have thought of the hotel.

  • If you’re a bit lost among all the deals available on the actual Hotwire website, you can see all of the ongoing deals here, on ChameleonJohn, too. In addition to giving you access to all of their coupons, we also let you know about all of the discounts/sales currently hosted by Hotwire. You’ll recognize those by the yellow “Get Deal” button instead of the green “Get Coupon Code” link; the deals don’t require a code to be activated, so the “Get Deal” button will simply take you to the discounted booking. In case you’ll be taken to the homepage instead, simply type in the name of the deal into the Hotwire’s search engine, and you’ll find the same discounted offer on the Hotwire page momentarily.

  • In case you’re a frequent traveler (or simply want to be constantly updated about new Hotwire travel deals), you might want to subscribe to the newsletter. To do that, you’ll initially need to create an account on their website (Homepage -> Right Upper Corner “Sign In” -> “Register”) and click the check the box that says "Yes! I want to hear about great travel deals, special offers and news from Hotwire." Once registered, you’ll start receiving regular emails containing special deals, travel news and coupons. FYI, you can do that by subscribing to our newsletter, too - just enter your email in the box between ongoing deals.

  • Oh, and don’t freak out if you notice the hotel names aren’t actually disclosed before you finalize the payment. The thing is, sites like Hotwire are 100% dependent on travelers like you to book through them (and not directly at the hotels) to make a commission. This doesn’t at all mean that you pay more when booking through Hotwire - on the contrary, it’s very likely find a much better deal through a centralized booking search engine rather than manually checking all of the hotels yourself. It simply means that Hotwire gets their share of the sales and can continue to bring you the best deals across the globe.

  • If you do decide to make a reservation, be quick! The prices are constantly changing, and they’re even subject to change while you’re completing the order form.

Hotwire Mobile App

If you’re comfortable to process payments with your tablet or smartphone, you might want to consider using the Hotwire’s mobile application to find and purchase the best booking deals in an extremely simplistic and convenient fashion.

In the most current version of the app, you’re only able to book hotel rooms and car rentals. However, the other half of Hotwire’s booking range (flight tickets and vacation packages) might appear on the app soon.

Should you consider using the app and not the website? The answer depends purely on your preferences. If you spend a lot of time on your desktop/laptop and prefer the old-fashioned way, then booking through the app probably isn’t the best option for you. However, if you constantly find yourself in action and rarely have the chance to sit down and open your laptop, then the Hotwire mobile app is all you could wish for for your hotel booking and car rental needs: you’ll still see all of the relevant booking information, be able to use the maps feature and read customer reviews.

With the app, you’re literally touches away from finalizing your booking. Once you set your account up, it will be a matter of minutes before you book the chosen hotel or rent a desired car. And, don’t worry, you still get to enter your Hotwire promo code in the app, too.

One thing that app does provide that the website lacks is the 24/7 customer support. With a single screen tap, you’ll be instantly connected to a hotel or a car expert, ready to help you out with choosing the right option (or even help you in an emergency, should one arise).

The Hotwire mobile app is currently available on both Android and iOS through their respective app stores. While apps for smartphones and tablets are quite standard, the Apple Watch option is worth elaborating on. The new platform app provides unique features like hotel booking reminders (in case you’re doing it so frequently you start to forget them) or even car refuel/return reminders so you never get penalized for accidentally being late for bringing the car back to the rental spot late/with an empty tank.

You can also currently get the app by simply entering your phone number into the respective field on (pop-up on top of the homepage). Cancellation Policy

Basically, two sets of cancellation rules apply to bookings:

  1. For Hot Rate bookings (most of the deals offered on ChameleonJohn), the reservations are final and non-refundable. You can identify those deals by the Hot Rate Hotel icons above the hotel’s “name” on any of Hotwire’s hotel pages (and, of course, by ridiculously large discounts). The reason for this is that booking search engines like Hotwire have entered into a special agreement with the hotels: the latter let Hotwire or similar sites aware of the exclusive last-minute deals the moment they appear and, in exchange, the booking search engines have to make the percentage-off reservations non-refundable. While this might not seem beneficial to the end-user at first, consider that this agreement is mostly what allows sites like Hotwire to give deals as good as they are.

  2. For any other regular-price reservation, you can easily cancel them with no penalty. Just visit your account panel (Upper Right Corner “Sign In” -> “My Account”), find the reservation you want to cancel, and follow the given instructions.

Popular Promo Codes and Deals for Hotwire

In case you haven’t yet found the perfect vacation deal on ChameleonJohn, here are a few currently trending Hotwire promo codes and discounts:

  • Save Up To 60% Off 4-Star Plus Hotels. While a deal like that speaks for itself, a couple of clarifying points should be made. Firstly, to find the best possible deals, keep your eyes open for the Hot Rate badge above the hotel names - that’s how you’ll know they’re under a huge discount at the moment. Secondly, the hotels aren’t limited to any one location - a 60% off discount is just as likely to appear in Chicago as it is in Moscow. With Hot Rate offers, you’ll be able to get ridiculous deals, such as $17/night stays in a 4-star casino hotel in the center of Las Vegas!

  • 5-star Hotels From $73. While this price is definitely on the low end of the spectrum as long as five-star hotels are concerned, don’t forget that start are assigned to hotels for a reason. While there aren’t official classifications of hotels by their number of stars, you could expect five-star hotels to be of top quality. This includes everything from the level of service to room decorations to facilities available.

  • Up To 60% Off Last Minute Hotels. Some hotel bookings are ridiculously discounted only because they have a couple of last-minute rooms available and there’s no point for the hotel to keep them empty. If you want to secure a stay at a really high-end hotel for a bargain, last minute deals should be your area of focus.

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