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Get Coupon Code Review is a website, where you can choose and book any hotel in any country that you want. The site offers more than 365,000 hotels in over than 60 countries. What is great about this site is that you do not need to look for any additional information about the hotels yourself. The site has more than 14 million hotel reviews from customers that have been in the place you’re considering to stay in. Here you can also find detailed descriptions of hotels, including information about pets, home comforts, mandatory fees, location and other hotels that are nearby. You can also check the photos of the hotel, where you can see how it looks like.

Discounts at       

Another thing that offer is a great variety of discounts. On this site, you can find such deals as ‘two day sale or deal’ of the day where you can save up to 50% on your selected hotel. All you have to do is choose a country (or city you want to stay in) and select a hotel that is offering the best price. You can also sign in a loyalty program, where you can get 1 night in a selected hotel for free if you collect 10 nights. If you think about it it’s not that hard, since you can book hotels not only for yourself but also for the others.What is an even better deal is that you can use coupons for booking a hotel on The only thing you have to do is to find a discount code and copy it. Then after you have booked the hotel, look for the field ‘Apply a discount code’ and paste the selected code. You can also choose from a variety of different promo codes like ‘25 dollars off a booking’ or ‘up to 100 dollars cash back on all hotel bookings’, you just have to choose the most suitable. Gift Card:

Another great thing that you can find on is a gift card which is a great present for anyone who likes traveling. All you have to do is choose a sum of money that you would like to preset. You can also choose things like the design of a card, the message that goes along with it or even the type of delivery (whether it will be e-mailed or mailed). This is a very convenient way to gift something that a person would really appreciate and use. 

How to Travel on a Budget

If you’ve traveled in the past, it’s highly likely you have the travel bug and want to go somewhere again. Sure, for most people this applies to international travels, but it also can mean travel in general.  Personally, I’ve been to Canada two times and Europe, namely Italy, once.  It’s been two years since I was in Europe, and I’m ready to go back; only problem is, it’s expensive and I can’t afford it. What a problem, right? Wrong! There are ways around spending an arm and a leg on traveling.

Numerous sites have come out that give you options for less expensive travel.  Sure, I can say cheaper, but just because the cost is less doesn’t mean the quality is too.  Certain apps have been developed to help you find the best flights for less. They tell you the best times to fly, both month of the year and day of the week, which is amazing! You’re able to set alerts so you can find the best deals, which is fantastic, but what about being able to bundle your flight and hotel together and save that way?

Sites such as Expedia and give you packages for hotels and flights. They look at all the hotels in the area you wish to travel, and all airlines from your nearest airport and give you all the options they can find.  Not only do they provide you these options, but they also provide discounts when you book the two at the same time in the same reservation.

Savings can vary from a little to a lot, depending on your options. You can upgrade your flights for some extra money, or you can stick with the economy/coach class to save even more. Now, I’ve never flown anything but coach/economy, but I hear traveling first class on international flights is the way to go since you are stuck in one location for a very long time. I would consider this upgrade for the next time I fly internationally.

Not sure if Expedia or is right for you? Easy, go on each of their sites, play around with details and you can see which site has the better deal! It’s super simple, and fun even if you’re just doing it because you’re bored. I’ve gone on numerous times to plan out my dream trips and realized that if you play your cards right, you can have your dream trip and save a couple hundred dollars while doing so.

Another way to ensure savings is to visit places like ChameleonJohn and see what coupons and discount codes they have! You can up your savings, plan your trip, and not worry about breaking the bank while doing so! While you can’t expect to not spend a few thousand dollars on your international travels, you can expect great savings when you use or to book your trip!


5 Things You Did Not Know About

  • If any of your friends or family don’t speak English but still want to use it shouldn’t be a problem. They operate 85 websites in 34 languages meaning that it is more than likely that your native language will be available from their menu.
  • This is due to them catering over 19,000 locations across the world. With such a big reach it is necessary to speak many languages. Although the only language that is of great importance here is the language of quality hotel bookings and services.
  • In advertisements, use a character called Captain Obvious that says obvious stuff indicating that there is no need to think too much where and how to book a hotel room because is the only obvious choice. The advertising content is personalized and fitted for every show it appears on. For example, it presents an Inside NBA segment Shaqtin’ A Fool where the character presents the segment with a different remark every day.
  • com was established in 1991 as a toll-free phone service for booking hotel rooms. With fast development and accessibility to the internet, it expanded to new countries and reached new customers, although original calling-in function is still available.
  • Although it is located in USA, it now has more listings in other countries than in the United States. This is not extremely hard to believe knowing the rapidly growing tourism sector across the globe. Social Media Platforms You Should Follow

  • The most popular social media platform to follow is no doubt Facebook. Their social media presence at that account is really felt and it is as funny as exciting. Due to their current campaign and their spokesperson Captain Obvious, it is always fun to see him crack jokes that just seem like completely obvious stuff. Facebook regularly posts updates on Captain Obvious and his adventures, but more importantly they post updates on their own offers and discounts. You can always look at destinations they have to offer along with prices. Even if you are not planning to travel in a near future, these updates could give you an idea of your next big getaway destination.
  • Their presence is not really felt on other social media platforms. However, you can also download their app that has some nice features and news, and you can book your stay with only a few taps on the screen. That always helps when a new super deal pops up and you are nowhere near your computer. Thank you 21st century and inventions you brought.
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Arranging and planning your dream holiday can be a bit stressful. If you choose to do it by yourself you have to take all things into consideration including traveling tickets, the objects that you would like to visit, and of course hotels you are going live in. Although all these things can be overwhelming, website is surely a site that you can trust. On this site you can find everything related to hotels, their ratings, available rooms and so on. What is even more interesting is that you can cut expenses on hotel room booking by finding the right coupon.

How to Apply Promo Code?

  • Select a hotel room that you want to book and dates that you want to stay.
  • When you are ready, go to the checkout page. There you will complete all the usual steps until you reach credit card information.hotelscom checkout
  • Once you’re there, on the right hand side you will see a little field where you can enter a promo code that you found before booking. Enter it in the field and click ‘apply’ as shown in the example.
  • After this complete the rest of the steps and enjoy your holiday. Shopping Tips

  • has a segment where they provide today’s best deals. There you can find the hottest sales and fanciest hotels for a fraction of a price.
  • Another segment that is very interesting and incredibly useful is secret prices on select hotels. This basically introduces you to a game where once you subscribe and spend 10 nights at hotels booked through their website, you get one night free, and even more importantly you get secret prices on select hotel deals. This means that your standard prices are dropped even lower and you can enjoy fruits of your hard work (or heavy sleep, rather).
  • Regularly check their website. It is of their greatest interest to sell as many hotel rooms as possible, thus they will do anything in their power to make sure that you purchase it. For example, sometimes when you enter a website (or even refresh it), a window pops up with a discount code for some deal. For example, it is not very uncommon to randomly get a 10% discount by just entering their website. Seems like a pretty good deal to us.
Captain Obvious at the Airport | Free Shipping Policy
  • Because it is a booking website, there are no items that should or will be shipped to you. You manage your reservations online and on a rare occasion you can print them out. But that is all the hassle (or lack thereof) you will have to go through. Returns Policy
  • Since nothing is shipped, nothing has to be returned to the website store either. However, in this part we will talk briefly about the cancelation and refund policy of the website.
  • Cancelation policy does not really depend on but instead on hotels themselves. So, for example, one hotel might provide a full refund 24 hours after booking, another might provide a full refund 24 hours before check-in and so forth. do not have any impact on this policy, they are only mere mediators between a hotel and a client.
  • However, if the cancelation issues a refund, you will get it back to your credit/debit card within 24 hours of your claim although it might take longer for the money to appear in your account due to different banks processing time.
  • If you happen to have booked a non-refundable hotel room, then of course you will not be refunded should you decide to cancel it even for an emergency. will not charge anything extra for the cancelation; however, hotels themselves just might depending on their policies (although it’s very unlikely).
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