Why do we offer Free Translate?

We believe in helping people and that matter to us more than anything else. Since the very beginning of our company, our team have been willing and wishing to help various organizations and funds all over the world. From organizations which help animals (like PETA) to various educational and scholarship programs, we are trying to change the world step by step. We also support community arts centers, traditional cultures, also love to help people who faced many difficulties and illnesses. But this is just a small part of what we are doing and what we are focusing on. And now we want to go even further.

Yes, we know that we are just a small internet-based company, but we believe that even such small market player like us can make an impact in everyday life. Our donations and scholarship program are just small steps to achieve this goal.

Therefore, with the power of the internet, we are going to help people with our new project – translate most valuable articles on various topics in different languages, so more and more people can get acquainted with them and learn something useful and exciting.

Our international team is willing to help everyone who needs this kind of help. We are offering free translations to 5 different languages (Swedish, Polish, Lithuanian, Japanese & Indonesian) in different regions of the world hence the best articles will be spread more widely.

Who do we do this for?

We are going to thoughtfully pick organizations we are planning on working with. It is crucial to us that the translation can benefit as many people as possible, so we are intending of working with organizations from every smaller part of the world. 

We would also like to stress out, that we are going to translate the content only for those websites that share their educational materials in various fields (from physics to literature and arts) for free. The power of spreading education is paramount to us, and this is the cause why we are planning on doing this in the first place. Simply put, we would like to help those who help others learn something new. 

Who can apply?

Everyone who works in a non-profit organization, in a volunteering program which helps people to access new information and knowledge every day, is welcomed to apply for our translation service. Any other similar organizations with strictly no commercial intention can apply as well.

We can't wait to help you spread your work to as many people in non-English speaking countries as possible, and we are ready to work our hardest to achieve it!  

How to apply?

If you match the criteria and need a free translation service, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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