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Zoro Tools Store Review

Now you can save on some delicate and hard tools with some Zoro Tools coupons that can be picked from online websites. Zoro Tools is an online tool store which boasts of the unbelievable tool collection. This tool store supplies tools to different industries and is known to be the best tool store. Zoro Tools has over 7, 50,000 tools in its product line which are divided over different industries. Zoro Tools online store has different categories where shoppers can browse and find their tools. Some of the many categories at Zoro Tools store include Auto & Truck maintenance, Ladders & Platforms, Tapes & Adhesives, Abrasives & Welding, Hydraulics & Pneumatics etc. This online tool store is easy to use. First time shoppers can also use the online website conveniently and order for their favourite tools online. Tool shoppers should not miss out the Zoro Tools promotion codes that are available online and promises heavy discounts. 

Avail the free shipping facility by Zoro:

Zoro unlike other online stores is offering its shoppers free shipping facility. Shopping at Zoro is a win win situation wherein the discounts that Zoro promotions have bought you would not wash off the drain in paying for the shipping charges. Zoro offers free shipping to all shoppers who have shopped for $50 or more. Zoro Tols free shipping facility is for limited period and shoppers should make full use of it.

Check your inventories and find which tools you would need on the latest. Lookout for some Zoro Tools deals and order all the tools that you need from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to the doorstep for free. 

5 Things You Did Not Know About Zoro Tools
  • Company was named after Zorro, a fictional character created by Johnston McCulley. Company founders decided that Zorro’s heroic use of arms such as a sword and a bow represents their company very well – after all, they are also masters of tools.
  • Zoro Tools is still a young company. Having been established 5 years ago they have grown from a small business, to an online giant that provides services to thousands of customers every day.
  • Zoro Tools highly care about safety of their clients. Not only do they have a segment in their page called ‘Emergency Preparedness’, they also provide videos on how to safely use tools.
  • In ‘Emergency Preparedness’ section, they give tips for their customers not only on natural disasters such as earthquake and hurricanes, but also on such natural anomalies as extreme heat. This is very useful for states especially in the south and it helps a great amount.
  • Lastly, they provide a list of links to useful websites where general guidelines and weather reports can be found about current situation across the United States. We highly appreciate this service and that’s why Zoro Tools is definitely a good place to shop – they really care about satisfaction and safety of their customers.
Zoro Tools Social Media Platforms You Should Follow
  • As a true tools store, Zoro Tools does not really focus on social media much. Even finding their Facebook page might be a little tricky. However, after some research we found their Facebook account. The most important thing is that they seem to be very responsive, usually answering questions within 5-10 minutes. This helps a lot, especially when you get a new tool and want to make sure that you are using it correctly and won’t accidentally rip your fingers off. They also provide useful tips for things such as natural disasters like floods. They give you a list of things you have to take into consideration without really trying to advertise their products. We like that very much, because first they care about the customer and his/her safety and only then about their own sales.
  • They also have an Instagram account that we can imagine smells like fresh metal workshop. Almost every picture has some sort of tool in action although it still seems rather homely. Especially when you stumble across a picture of freshly baked apple pie. At first we thought this does not go along with their niche, but then we realized – it’s all about making your home feel more like…home.
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Shopping at Zoro Tools with Zoro Tools coupon is easy. If you are a first time Zoro shopper, then register at this famous tool store. Your registration can also get you 15% off on your first order. Once the registration is complete, you’ll be assigned a log in ID which is to be used every time you wish to shop. You can then conveniently fill in your cart with the tools that you have always been looking for. There are hardly any tools that are not available at Zoro. When you have filled your cart with best Zoro Tools, you can proceed to the checkout page where the payment is done. Before you pay for the tools, copy and paste your Zoro Tools discount code in the slot at the checkout page and get heavy discounts on the purchase.

How to Apply Promo Code?
  • Once you fill your shopping cart with tools you are planning to buy, you then go to ‘order summary’.
  • There, under all the items in your shopping basket, you will see a question ‘have a promo code?’.
  • You have to click on that question and then a field to enter your promo code pops up. You enter your code there and click ‘apply’.zoro tools checkout
  • Your discount will instantly appear and you will now get an adjusted price for your purchase.
Zoro Tools Shopping Tips
  • The biggest and most important shopping advice from Zoro Tools can be described in three words – coupons, coupons, coupons. While the website itself does not offer many visible discounts, it highly encourages shoppers use promo codes.
  • More importantly, codes are widely available online and the huge variety of them allows you get discounts you desire for almost any item and tool at the store.
  • You should also check their website regularly, because although not widely advertised, their prices do get reduced sooner or later, so it’s all about the timing.
Zoro Tools Free Shipping Policy
  • You can enjoy free shipping services if your order exceeds $50 before tax. Knowing how expensive tools might be, you would think that buying one item would get you pass this threshold. However, with discounts available, this is not the case and you probably will have to put at least a few items in your shopping bag before you get $50 worth of goods.
  • If you do not manage to exceed $50 limit, you will have to pay a standard fee of $5 which is not a lot considering the savings you might have already made.
  • Good news for people living in Alaska and Hawaii, the same rules apply to these two states as well, meaning that residents from these remote areas will still get the same treatment as residents from continental US.
Zoro Tools Returns Policy
  • If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a thirty day window to return any items that are undamaged and do not posses any signs of wear and tear.
  • You should clearly identify on your return shipment whether you want a full refund or an exchange for another item at the store. Otherwise, store might have to contact you to make sure what your wishes are which would take extra time.
  • Also, all returns must obtain a return authorization number that can be obtained at their website or by calling the customer service.
  • Any return package without return authorization number will reduce your refund by 15% for processing fees. It’s easy to avoid this, so make sure you don’t forget to include the authorization number.
  • To return items, click a link on your order summary page. After this, you should receive an e-mail and return authorization number from the store. This saves you hassle and helps you work out the details very easily.