5 Tips on How to Shop on Amazon.com

  1. Trade your old stuff for Amazon gift cards. If you use Amazon to shop a lot, you might want to consider this trade-in option. Amazon offers to trade, for example, your old iPhone into their gift card. Amazon even takes stuff like CDs, DVDs, video games and textbooks. Even though gift card limits you to their shop, it is still a win-win situation since you can get rid of useless old junk in your basement and obtain some new things at the same time.
  1. Buy textbooks cheaper by scouting through Amazon’s websites in other countries. If you’re a student in USA, you’re probably familiar with the ridiculous textbook prices. Amazon offers a wide variety of textbooks at their main page, but you might want to check out Amazon’s website in other countries, such as UK, for a cheaper price. If you invest as much as 30 minutes into this search, you might save some serious money.
  1. Avoid the $25 minimum requirement on Add-on items. There are a lot of cool and useful items categorized as add-on items on Amazon, such as USB drives, lip balm, duct tape, and everything is sold with great discounts. The problem is that you need to spend at least $25 on other items to have the add-on items shipped. To avoid this, simply pre-order an unreleased video game or a movie to meet the minimum requirement. Amazon will not charge you for pre-ordered items until they ship, so you can always “reconsider” and cancel it while keeping your cheap add-on items.Add-on items
  1. Share your Amazon Prime two-day shipping with four other people. If you’re constantly shopping at Amazon, you might have considered or already purchased Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping changes your shopping life forever, but if the cost of it is too high, split the price by sharing the service with others. You can add up to four people from your “household”, which is not defined by Amazon, so it is entirely up to you. And don’t worry, people you share with won’t be able to see what you bought, so you can be sure that they will not notice that sneaky birthday gift you got for them.
  1. Track the prices for a refund. Buying something and then seeing it on sale two days later can drive anyone crazy, but thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to suffer this anymore. If you end up seeing a price drop on an item you’ve recently purchased, contact Amazon customer service and they’ll refund you the difference. Although this only applies to items shipped and sold by Amazon and takes some time to constantly check the prices, thanks to some third party websites you can track price drops and price history, which makes this even easier. Just remember that the official policy states that it must be done within seven days of your delivery date, but some people were lucky to get a refund even long after the time has passed.