How to Deal With a Headache Without Drugs: Simple Tricks Everyone With Migraine Should Know

Frequent headaches are good acquaintances for many people, especially women who deal with migraines a lot more commonly than men. Surely, strong headaches are very unpleasant. The simplest and quickest solution to deal with it, of course, is to use painkillers, but they irritate the stomach and can damage the heart if used irresponsibly and in massive quantities. So it is not suitable for everyday usage. Today we would like to offer other options – at least one of them can be right for you!

  1. Massage the scalp. Research has shown that massaging the basis of scalp and temples reduces headaches. However, the scientific evidence can be checked by your own personal massaging skills – massage it for just a couple of minutes to gain a feeling of relaxation. A headache is often directly related to the stress and tension, so you should firstly try to deal with that and not the pain itself.
  2. Pat the hair. This is similar to the first tip and no less pleasant as well. Moreover, it can be especially effective if your hair will be patted or combed by someone else, not you. However, to make it work, it is necessary to raise the hair from the roots for a little bit – so you will feel more pleasure and forget about headaches.
  3. Drink some water. Dehydration also causes frequent headaches. Even if you work in sedentary work and move just for a little bit during your work day, you can still feel a lack of fluids even without feeling thirst. So to try to solve this problem by taking a glass of water in the morning and occasionally sip it during your work day. You can even purchase some reusable drinking cups (which doesn’t cost that much because of various online deals, can be a great eco-friendly option and will help you stay hydrated all day long) It is simple, fast and does not cost anything!
  4. Loosen your hair. Another reason why you can have a headache may be your hairstyle. If your hair are lashed to the horse’s tail or bun, or you braided it too strong, it will literally cause tension. Loosen the hairstyle and observe if you feel relieved and pain is fading away.
  5. Take a hot shower. The heat will relax your muscles and reduce headaches. Another way to reduce tension and relax is just to stand in the shower and let the warm water flow run down your
  6. Put the ice.If you suffer from migraines, you can add a few ice cubes near your temples as well. In fact, that artery that supplies blood to cerebral cortex is nearby that fine temporal bone under your temple. If in the inflammation happens in your cortex, ice cubes can help to slightly reduce the temperature and ease the blood flow to the area, making pumping migraine feeling less painful.
  7. Drink tea with ginger. Finally, you can also try out drinking a cup of unsweetened tea with fresh finely grated ginger. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the pain. It is also very valuable during colder weather and can help you out to protect your immune system.