3 Simple Ways to Keep Skin Healthy

Skincare is quickly becoming one of the most common subjects when it comes to beauty and looking your best. Most of the time, people talk about how complicated their skincare routine is and the amount of time they spend on it. However, by following these three simple steps, you too can have healthy skin in a fraction of the time.

1. Hydration

The first step to having healthy skin is making sure that you are drinking enough water to keep your body properly hydrated. Hydration is super important to skin health because it does a variety of things to improve your overall complexion, by reducing wrinkles, clearing acne and reducing inflammation. While drinking water is important at any time of the year, it is especially important in the winter months. During the winter there is less moisture in the air which causes your skin to become drier, meaning that you need to do more to keep it hydrated.

2. Grooming

While it is important to nourish your skin from the inside, it is equally as important to take care of it from the outside. One thing we should keep in mind when we talk about skin health is its cleanliness. Our skin health is directly impacted by our surrounding environment, meaning that it is very easy for us to have a build-up of excess oils and dirt. Now washing up may sound easy, but to start, you should know what kind of skin you have, since this will allow you to use the proper soap. For example if you have dry skin, you’ll want to use a soap that provides moisture, whereas if you have oily skin you’ll want a soap that exfoliates and neutralizes the oil.  Removing body hair can also help improve your complexion with shaving acting as an exfoliator by removing dead skin cells. If you choose to remove your body and facial hair, make sure that you are doing it correctly. For starters, you should always use a clean, sharp razor, this way you can limit cuts and scrapes that cause premature aging.

3. Moisturize

After you have started hydrating from within and groomed, it is important to seal off your pores with a little moisturizer. Just like finding the right soap to go on your skin, it’s equally important to find the right moisturizer. Similarly to face washes, for dry skin use something a little heavier to make sure your skin is getting the moisture it needs. While it may seem weird to use a moisturizer if you have oily skin, you still should, just try a lighter one. Regardless, of your skin type, moisturizing helps block the dirt from getting trapped in your pores, which can prevent breakouts and skin wrinkling.

When it comes down to it, keeping your skin hydrated is a great place to start for optimal skin health. Follow these three tips daily and you will have great looking and healthy skin in no time!