Renovations During the Holidays: Everything You Need to Know

Home Updating

Jumping into a home renovation during the holiday season is a time consuming and delicate task. As much as you may have tried to avoid the extra stress of home improvement this season, sometimes remodeling can’t be put off any longer. If you’ve made plans to renovate a section of your home during the holidays, or the process is already underway, use the tips below as your guide for all of your seasonal remodeling endeavors.

Schedule ahead

First and foremost, scheduling ahead will never be something you regret. Be sure to create a clear framework for where your renovations will come into play alongside your family gatherings, company holiday parties, and other social events. Have open communication with your contractor by taking the time to set up the best workdays well in advance. If there are days you plan on renovating and hosting at the same time, remember to arrange this accordingly. Scheduling every moving piece ahead of time will allow you to feel less stress, and more enjoyment as you renovate this season.

Discuss with Family

As home renovations usually affect the entire family, be sure to discuss all aspects of your plans with your closest loved ones. Anyone traveling in from out of town should be aware that your home may be under construction during the duration of their stay. If you have multiple remodeling projects to choose from, feel free to get the rest of your family’s opinions on which renovation should come first. The more a part of the process your family feels, the smoother the process will be in the long run.

Assess All Finances

The holidays are naturally one of the more expensive times of the year, so considering finances during your renovation is a must. Don’t force yourself into a renovation project that you know you won’t be able to afford if you’re already weary of the numerous gifts you plan to purchase. If you are set on beginning the remodel as soon as possible, look for ways to cut down on your spending this time of year. Whether this means entertaining less or keeping a stricter budget as you buy presents, saving money during the holidays isn’t as hard as it may seem. You can even look into lowering basic monthly expenses by assessing whether or not now is a good time to start refinancing your mortgage loan. However you map out your finances, always be sure you have the funding you need to renovate before you pull the trigger.

Consider Entertaining

Whether your home is typically the gathering place for family and friends or not, chances are you will be entertaining at some point this season. As you start to make renovation plans, always consider how your goals will affect your future guests. Provided you have the time, try and take into account which areas of your home will have the biggest impact on the people you might be entertaining and hosting during the holidays. If you can complete your desired living room expansion just in time for your family holiday party, this might be the route you want to take over a smaller project. If a larger scale remodel is not something you can add to your plate, but you still want to revamp something in your home, there are plenty of small scale renovation projects you can tackle that will still be meaningful for your guests.

Have a Clutter Room

It’s no secret that most, if not all, renovations can get quite cluttered and messy. The last thing you want is extra clutter around the holidays, so make it a priority to pick a space where all your supplies can go to keep them organized and out of sight. Whether this is your basement, a hallway closet, or your garage, having a designated space for your remodeling mess will likely reduce your stress, and ensure your guests aren’t tripping over hazardous items.