5 Most Popular Myths About Washing Clothes and How That Can Affect Your Savings

Despite the fact that we live in modern times, we all can find and tell some washing related myths and legends. Maybe there is a little bit of charm in them, especially since they probably came from our grandmothers or mothers, but if you want your laundry to be clean and long lasting without spending hours every week working with them, we recommend to break down some of the myths we are soon going the mention bellow.

The more the washing powder you use, the better

When it comes to washing powder, more is not always better. There is a bit part of us who use too much detergent, and so after washing you can find the remains of that on clothes. So, naturally, for a correct dosing, it is very convenient to buy a cleanser meter. It is also always a good idea to try wash clothing using twice less amount of the detergent or washing powder than recommended. You can still achieve great results without using the amount of products manufacturer suggest on using.

On the other hand, there are always some products which can work perfectly well in smaller quantities. Look for that at, for example, Boxed online store and don’t forget to use the best ChameleonJohn’s coupons to shop there as well.

Remove stains from clothes on the good side

Once you are “settled down” with an unwanted stain on your clothes, it is better not to attack it and clean it from a good side (or the one which can be seen from outside) of the fabric. In fact, this is making the stain expand deeper into the tissue, and the situation can only get worse. Thus, once you get a stain from coffee on your white office shirt, better turn it and wipe out the stain from the bad side – it is possible that once you get back home, you won’t need to wash that anyway.

Sock Monster is alive

Just recently, Samsung AddWash’s initiated survey showed that almost 67 percent of people in their homes have at least one sock, which doesn’t have a matching pair that disappeared somewhere during washing. Although from time to time a person naturally doubts whether or not a washing machine is also some kind of socks devouring monster, it is more realistic to think, that socks disappear in the phenomenon which is easier to explain. For example, we do not always put two pairs of socks in the washing machine, and eventually, they get apart and lost!missing socks

You can remove difficult stains only in very hot water

Polls show that every third of European population believe that dirty clothing can get cleaned only if they were washed at high temperatures. However, this is not an absolute truth. Sometimes high washing temperatures lead to other problems – clothes shrink, their colors fade, and so on.

In addition, three-quarters of the electricity consumed by a washing machine are needed for water heating. Environmentally friendly washing machines and a high-quality detergent will achieve good results even if you are washing your clothing (even if they are super dirty) in cool water. So – do that!

Jeans should be washed after each wearing 

It may be shocking if you are a particular kind of neat person, but you are behaving inappropriately if you wash your jeans as often as other everyday clothing. At least this is what Levi Strauss jeans company president Chip Bergh believes in.

In his opinion, we should get rid of the habit to wash jeans after a day of wearing them. Rare washing will save time, water and will make your brand new designer made jeans work for you for many years!