5 Best Audrey Hepburn Beauty Lessons

Beauty canons are changing, but if we look at the golden times of Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn there would have been called the real queen. Graceful, neat, with distinctive facial features, eye-catching style, roles that conquered the world and, of course, her beauty. Audrey Hepburn is a true icon loved by many people and many generations.

This fabulous actress made a huge impact in the history of Hollywood, and her beauty is usually considered of being legendary. However, sometimes good genes are not enough, and a big part of person’s appearance depends on various beauty tricks and methods. So what beauty lessons did Audrey used? Bellow, we are going to talk about five of them, perfectly suitable for all women of all ages too.

Protect your skin from the sun

We want to be tanned so much that sometimes we tend to forget times we spend in the sun just to get the desired brown skin look. However, the biggest problem here, as Audrey also believed, is that all of this tanned body mania might result in the not so great ending after a few years – pigment spots, wrinkles, and dry skin. And no woman ever wants that! Audrey loved to enjoy summer’s sun and heat as well, but she also used to hide herself under an umbrella and, of course, used a good sunscreen. By the way, sun umbrella can be a pretty charming and elegant accessory, which not only looks good but has a great practical use.

Age is not an obstacle

There is no need to be afraid of fashionable clothing, colour, youth, even if you think that you are too old for that. Don’t think like that! The main thing in order to look good is to respect a few basic rules of style, and that is it! After all, Audrey looked strikingly well at the age of 60! She always looked through the prism of subtle elegance. Also, the actress was not afraid of growing old and she was satisfied with wrinkles or greying hair. And that is one of the lessons worth learning as well. After all, years bring invaluable experience, and you should be proud of your age!


What could be less stylish than sticky lashes that resemble flies’ legs? Audrey especially took care of her eyes’ beauty, so she always combed her lashes to separate them from each other. Also, as you know, perfect eyeliner and thick eyelashes were her visiting card. And to achieve such an effect is not difficult at home too – use a special comb and choose mascara that separates eyelashes.Eyelashes

Of course, Audrey didn’t use poor quality beauty products as well, and so should you. For that reason, try to shop at high-quality verified stores like JCPenney, Saks Fifth Avenue or even at Amazon where you can find the best quality products easily. Of course, top quality might cost a lot, but with some money saving tricks, for instance, Macy’s coupons, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Less makeup, less year

At the age of 60, Audrey seemed as charming as being young. Why? She was well aware that the lighter makeup she uses, the younger her face looks. Audrey perfectly realized that subtle touches and pastel colours are much better choice than the black-encircled eyes, dark shadows, and bright lipstick. Therefore, you can also say goodbye to bright makeup and start to embrace simpler and pastel cosmetic tones, so you will look younger, more awake and more radiant – just like Audrey!

Steam baths for the face

The last tip for today – most likely, you will agree that in movies Audrey’s facial skin has always seemed radiant and fresh. To reach the same effect, you can choose certain beauty treatments, in this case, steam baths for your face 1-2 times a week. To it is very simple too – get a bowl of boiling water and add a handful of chamomile or mint in it. Then – cover yourself with a towel and let your face soak in the steam for 10-15 minutes. Such baths open the pores and help to cleanse the skin.