5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Steam Cooking

Although Eastern cuisines love steamed cooked meals – and it is nothing new for more them because that is more than 3000-year-old tradition, we until now have a widespread belief that it is only professional chefs’ and kitchen chefs’ business.

However, steam cooking is slowly blending into our daily lives. There are more and more amateurs who follow in the footsteps of professionals and experiment at home to make some healthier and newly delicious dishes. But why is it worth to embrace steam cooking? Bellow you will find out.

  1. Steamed cooked food – benefits our health

If you think healthy vegetables retain their nutrients in no matter which way you are cooking it, you are wrong. Even the healthiest vegetable prepared improperly can lose its good qualities.

Steaming cooked food is much healthier in particular because everything is perfectly cooked without fat. While it may seem that the production of the fat-free dish makes it drier, this is not true. Steaming food is baked in its own juice, which ensures the dish juiciness and health benefits. Such food is easier to digest, and it has fewer calories. And that is excellent news for patients with gastrointestinal diseases and children. Also, there is less likely a possibility to overcook, overdo food or lose its consistency.

  1. Steaming cooked food – source of vitamins and minerals

Many diet specialists agree that steamed foods have to be an integral part of full food rations to those who are struggling to get as many vitamins and minerals from food naturally.

Steamed cooked foods better preserve the presence of nutrients, because during the cooking process there was no direct contact with the water, and there was less change in the micro and macro minerals.

The nutrients are essential for our body-building. They are especially needed if you are under stress or if you lack sleep, have a large workload. So, if you include steamed cook food in your diet, that increases the possibility of improving the skin, hair or nail condition, boost immunity and help your body to fight from viruses or various diseases.

  1. Steamed cooked food – more genuine taste, odor, and color

There is a pretty common myth, that although steamed cooked meals are indeed beneficial to health, it is tasteless.  However, steamed foods are not only in a more subtle taste but also have an improved smell and color of the product too.steam-cooker

We often are dealing with this issue – the meat decomposes and gets soft, vegetables become colorless and shapeless. However, if you cook food by steaming – vegetable will retain its consistency, and most importantly – it will be as bright in color as it was when you bought it. By the way, gourmets can enjoy genuinely and not masked taste of the dish too, because you do not need to use a lot of spices – just a pinch of salt or herb.

  1. Steamed cooked food – the freedom to experiment

It is wrong to assume that steam is only suitable if you want to prepare meat and delicious seafood production. In an oven with a steam program, you can cook eggs, tasty yeast rolls, excellent soft and spongy bread, and so on.

In fact, you can cook and breakfast and lunch, and dinner. If necessary, you can defrost frozen food, heat meals without destroying its structure, and once you want a dessert – make great yogurt. All you need to have in this case is a little bit of creativity and some unique recipes which will let you embrace steam cooking even more.

  1. Steamed cooked food – saved precious time

According to specialists, steam cooking is a solution not only for people who want to eat healthily but also for those who do not want to spend a lot of time to around the kitchen.

Steam cooking can not only make meals healthier and tastier, but it can shorten the time you spend cooking too. The production of the oven with a steam program is faster because hot moist air is giving heat to a meal several times faster and it does not allow the dish to dry. So even if you always on a rush, you can still enjoy healthy and home cooked meals.

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