5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even If You Are Working Out and Dieting

Sometimes you can work your heart out, eat very carefully and take a lot of work in order to lose some weight, but results are not showing at all. This might want you to stop trying, but in fact, this way your body might be giving you a few hints, that something is not done right, and you need do work in a little bit different way to achieve your goal. What hints? Bellow we present you five reasons why you can’t lose any weight even if you are trying your hardest and also we present some tips how to change that!

  1. You sit all day

Even if you work out your very hardest in a gym five days a week, this may be not enough. Why? Your whole effort is simply ruined by the sitting, especially if you do that all day and move only for an hour in a gym. For instance, if you work out in the morning, after that sit for the next eight hour, and back at home, you continue sitting nearby the TV – it is not going to work!

What to do? Try to move more throughout the day. For example, at work, stand up and take a walk. Take stairs, and not a lift. Use your lunch breaks to walk, rather than to sit a bit more and continue doing the same at home. In short, do not assume that one hour of sport and regular sitting will help you achieve the desired result.

  1. Fat snacks after sports

Perhaps after a very active workout, then you burn thousands of calories, you start to think that a piece of pizza with dressing won’t hurt at all, right? Many people mistakenly believe that they can eat a lot more if they play sports or rewards themselves with treats way too often. But that is not how it is supposed to be at all! This way, you actually eat more calories than you burn.

What to do? Eat within half an hour after the workout – if you wait too long, then you will get too hungry and choose wrong food. Liquids are also crucial, so choose water instead of sodas, or other sweet drinks.

  1. Too little sleep

Many are aware that regular sports directly influence a better sleep quality, but on the other hand, a good sleep has a direct impact on exercise performance too. Due to the lack of sleep, our sports results can be very not satisfying.too-little-sleep

What to do? In particular, create such daily routine where you can take enough time to sleep. If it is hard to fall asleep, you can use special apps, as well as escape from various blue screens – TV, mobile devices, tablets and others. It is also advisable not to exercise very intensively before the sleep because they excite our body and therefore it is harder to fall asleep. However, sex works in an opposite way, as it helps to relax, releases stress and actually helps to sleep much better!

  1. Only cardio workout

Yes, they are crucial when it comes to controlling body weight, heart health, and stamina, but it will not be enough if you want to form an elegant shape. You will become stronger, but you can reach more with the individual exercises for all muscle groups, also, burn more calories and speed up metabolism.

What to do? Ask a specialist to form the program suitable for your needs. Your entire body’s muscle groups have to work! The point is to become not only stronger but also more flexible and so on. So work on that!

  1. Sports routine

Many of us have habits: eat the same food for breakfast, order the same dish in a restaurant or shop in the same stores. It may seem so comfortable, but a variety of changes are actually pretty necessary. And not only in the areas listed but also in sports. When you do the same exercises, your body gets used to that, and therefore – they become less efficient.

What to do? It goes without saying – you need to change your sports routine regularly. Constantly try something new and discover that sport is fun and addictive thing. Try to change your routine every three or four weeks, and soon you will notice your body changing and your moods improvement instantly!

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