5 Tips on How To Shop on Sears

  1. Collect your points. If you’re constantly shopping at Sears, you should log on to get Sears unique points. You will earn them every time you purchase something that is eligible for earning these points. The next time that you will check out, you will get asked if you’d like to spend your points on the purchase. You can also transfer points between cards if you have a Shop Your Way account or a MyKmart account as they’re linked together to make your shopping even easier. This is really to make people shop at their place more often, but if you’re already doing it, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.
  1. Don’t miss member exclusive offers. If you’re already collecting points, you should also notice member exclusive offer notifications in your Sears account profile or email. All you have to do is sign up for an account and you will get all the best offers and those sweet deals which will help you save some of your money in the long run.sears shopping
  1. Shop Your Way Max. Although this isn’t a Sears specific tip, this shopping progamme offers free 2-day shipping, exclusive offers if you’re a member and even an ability to collect points via purchases, which you can spend on other products! In addition to that, you will also get two times the points you’d get from regular purchases. You can transfer these points through any account, as mentioned above, for even more benefits. This will also work with Sears and Kmart, sadly large furniture won’t be shipped free no matter the cost. It would be ridiculous if it was so it’s not really a loss. Members of the Shop Your Way MAX program will get a 90 days free trial, after which you’ll have to pay a $79 annual fee
  1. Get coupon deals. Coupons are the best thing you can do to save you some money. And it’s even better when you can stack them with promo codes to get even better discounts. Keep looking for some great deals using coupons and promotional codes and you will save yourself some ridiculous amounts of money at the end of the day.
  1. Sears Appliance Showroom. Sears have a website called searshomeapplianceshowroom.com which is a great help. If you’re looking for home appliance you should definitely check it out. It provides you with great weekly deals and awesome promotion codes. You can schedule an appointment if you’re planning on visiting their store to pick up a new piece of furniture for your house and you’re looking for advice as they will set up you with a professional who will be happy to help. Another cool thing you can do on this site is to check the locations for a specific store locations near you if you ever feel the need to, so be sure to check it out.