5 Tips on How To Get the Most out of Birchbox

  1. Subscribe. Birchbox is one of those great websites that offer deals to make your life easier. Instead of spending a lot of your time choosing the best products for yourself you can subscribe to get a personally made box of goodies each month. Your samples will include products to make you even more beautiful than you are right now, personalized just for you. All you have to do is fill out their given form and you will get various makeups, skincare, haircare and fragrance products for your daily needs. It costs $110 a year or $10 a month, you will also get 110 Birchbox points that we will describe below so be sure to check this out as it is one of the best offers out there!
  1. Get the points. And unless you’re Kobe Bryant, we’re not talking about scoring some sweet three-pointers. Birchbox has a great system that allows their customers to get even more good stuff, utilizing their points. These points can only be redeemed in increments of 100 which equal to $10 so if your order costs $21, fill your cart with extra cheap items to avoid those 90 points being lost forever. Each purchase you make automatically gives you points – you earn 1 point for each $1 you spend. In addition to that there are many ways to earn these points, but the easiest one is to review their products. Each review gets you 10 points and also some virtual karma points since you’ve helped a fellow customer decide what’s best for him. You can also refer your friends – you will earn 50 points for every friend that has joined birchbox, so don’t miss out.
  1. Keep them updated. If you’re a subscriber you’re probably already getting some awesome products at your doorstep every month, but what if you decide to change your haircut? Since every box is made for you personally, you should update your profile after any change of style or preference. Birchbox will adjust their selections to your changes and you will get even better products that match all your needs.doorstep
  1. Don’t miss the bonus shop. This is a cool place filled with cool stuff for cool people. It’s stacked with awesome freebies and must-have extras, but it’s only available after you fill your shopping cart so it’s easy to miss. The next time you shop at Birchbox, definitely check their bonus shop for these cool goodies and you might find your next favourite product.
  1. Check out your email regularly. If you already subscribed to Birchbox, you’re probably in their email list. They will frequently offer you various promotions and offer some of the greatest deals. You will get free points, coupons to save you some money and even free gift cards. They will even allow you to use their offers after you missed them, if less than three days have passed. If that’s the case, just give them a call – they have one of the best customer service online and will gladly help you because no one wants to lose a customer as beautiful as we’re sure that you are.