6 Best Things You Can Buy Used

  1. Cars. This is probably the best thing that you can buy used. Two words: save thousands. Buying a brand new car is a complete waste of money and there’s no other way to put it. There are countless benefits when you’re buying a used car and if you really want to get it new, at least wait a few years after its initial release and the value of the car will drop multiple times even if the car has not been used before.
  1. Children’s Clothes. Infants grow so quickly that some people never even get to use the clothes they bought for their child. This is where you come in and grab brand new clothes for as cheap as you can get. Even if the clothes were used before, they’re most likely to be in perfect condition because it’s really hard to ruin something so quickly.
  1. Tools. Something as mechanically simple as an axe or a hammer will last forever if it’s well made and there’s no point in wasting extra money on overpriced new tools. As long as it doesn’t have parts that easily wear out you’re better off buying a secondhand version of it. used toolsA general rule of thumb when purchasing used tools is to avoid anything that has a motor or anything with a blade that gets dull over time because an old saw can turn a 1 hour job into a weekend job.
  1. Sports Equipment. This is another great way to save money – the prices are so low that you can even set up your own gym to save money on gym memberships, if you have the space. Check out Craigslist or anything similar to get great deals on any sports inventory that you require: tennis rackets, golf clubs, skis, weights and many more. There’s no sense to buy everything brand new if you’re just a beginner, get them used and after you become a professional your sponsors will get you your brand new stuff for you.
  1. Furniture. If you’re looking to buy new furniture in the near future, check out some of the secondhand stuff before you head to the stores. People tend to sell everything after they move out and you can get great deals even if you’re not a fan of vintage furniture. Old doesn’t mean ugly – some items pass the aging test and retain their good looks throughout the years. The best thing is, old furniture doesn’t have value for their sellers anymore so you can get that amazing high-quality sofa you always wanted for a ridiculously low price-tag.
  1. Jewelry. Although jewelry is more of a fashion thing, unlike most of the furniture, you can still get great looking accessories for great prices. Precious metals such as gold and silver will retain their value throughout the years so you won’t get anything good from your local jewelers, but some people sell their jewelry on their own and can provide you with great prices. If you don’t like the look or the size is too big, you can always visit a jeweler to adjust it for you so you should definitely think about investing your time in a search for great accessories.