6 Myths About Fashion We Should End Up Right Now

For some reason, some myths about fashion are still believed even by people who refer to themselves as style gurus. However, they too often forget that fashion is just a game and self-expression rather than strict set of instructions. So – the only valid rule that can be related to fashion is not to be a slave to dictates and always find your own, personal sense of style.

So, today, let’s bust six horribly ancient and stupid myths about fashion nobody should believe anymore!

Myth 1. Different patterns are inappropriate and don’t look good together. Both best street style examples and designer collections have long been trying to deny this myth with their practice. But your auntie still starts pointing fingers, that you can’t combine stripes and polka dots? You can! Even zebra prints and squares can be combined – all what is important in this case is the harmony. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you will succeed by not only matching outfits which might not look good initially but also find your personal style.

Myth 2. Handbags and footwear – only in the same color. Or vice versa – only strictly matching colors. Both of these philosophies have supporters, but the main ideas here is pretty the same – matching is a tendency worth following.

However, bags and shoes of the same color usually indicate a lack of imagination and courage, so perfect matches should be avoided. It is much easier to choose the accessories with the principle of contrast. Another option – play with shades. This also can make your outfit look more interesting than just wearing black crocodile leather shoes with the same texture black handbag.

Myth 3. Silver and gold cannot be together. It should be! Speaking of clothes, and regarding accessories and, of course, concerning jewelry – gold and silver is a match made in heaven. Try to prove this with a small experiment – for example, put a massive silver ring plus silver and gold bracelets on the wrist. Or try to see how the silvery scaled skirt fits perfectly with a golden hand purse (and it fit well – you will see)!

Myth 4. Expensive – hence, stylish. It has long been the dominant trend not to buy fashion houses’ showcases, but to coordinate, harmonize and align costly and cheap items. “Birkin” handbag, “Chanel” flats and “Herve Leger” dress all at the same time is nor stylish nor trendy. Right now, all “unlabeled” clothing becomes more and more valuable and showing off designer made expensive clothing is not considered being stylish at all.unlabeled-clothing

However, we are not telling that such clothing is bad or tacky – no, they are indeed beautiful and high-quality, but you must not lose your head and wear everything or head to toe from Gucci. Include other, smaller designers and create a unique look! And that shouldn’t be expensive at all – in fact, these Bloomingdale’s coupons only prove my point in here. So, don’t blindly buy expensive clothing just because you think they will instantly make you look good. It is not the price tag that creates style – it is your skills!

Myth 5. One look – only three colors. Nobody knows where it came from, and why! For example, occasionally in various fashion magazines or books, a number three appears magically. But why not four or two? If it is not explained – it is not the truth!

However, if you think that red, green, blue and orange are hard to control, follow a simple principle – one bright colored item and two, three, or as much as you want – neutral colored pieces. Just look at the masters’ paintings or works of nature – they will tell you more about color matching than all stylists collectively.

Myth 6. Little black dress – is a panacea for all. Also — pearly necklace, high heel boots, and classic beige trench coat. Lists of “all must have” are so universal and so perfectly suitable for every size and shape that it does not take any attention to your individuality.

So it is safe to change boots to converses or even sneakers, and vintage coat to a simple or youthful parka. Why not – it is not those abstract lists makers who are going to choose what you are going to wear every morning. It is you, and in this case, your style sense is the most important!