How to Correctly Choose a TV?

Yep! Even shopping for a TV is all about the rules. However, these rules are here to help you out and ensure that you find that one blue screen box which will make your life more enjoyable.

So, if you want to choose the right device, read the rules we are going to share bellow and be confident that you have the best TV you can find!

  1. Room’s size. Before you think about choosing a particular model, think of the size of the room in which you want to put or hang the TV. Very small rooms will be happy to have up to 30-inch TV models. That will let everyone enjoy the view from every corner of a room. For small and medium-sized rooms, it is recommended to choose 43-inch or larger TVs. Big rooms perfectly fit larger than 61 inches models, so if you want a big TV – put that in your biggest room. These big TVs have very large screens, which guarantee perfect view from every distance.
  2. The minimum distance from the TV to the viewing position. Another vital thing you should do before choosing the size of the TV is an accurate measurement of the minimum distance from the TV to the place where you are planning to sit and enjoy your TV. The screen should not be too close to your sitting space. Very small distance can have a negative impact not only on your vision but also the comfort of

But how to determine the minimum distance from the TV to the place where you wish to enjoy it? It is recommended that the 32-inch LCD TV should be positioned at least 1.25 meters (about 49-inch) away from the viewing position. 34-inch screens should be 3 inches even further than the 32-inch television. While if you are planning on buying a 52-inch TV, put it no less than 78 inches from the place you are planning to sit and enjoy fantastic views.

  1. Screen resolution. Screen resolution should also be considered according to the distance from which you are planning to watch TV and screen’s size you have been dreaming about.

For example, if the distance from the TV to the viewing position is equal to or less than 118 inches, but you would like to have at least 45-inch model, it is recommended to choose the Full HD TV’s or even better – Ultra HD TV models. However, these might get pretty pricey, but you can try out these using some discount codes (which are always available)!

  1. What for you are buying a TV? The last paramount thing, which is worth paying attention – how you are going to use your TV. If you intend to use the device only to watch television, there is no need for a big screen. 40-50 inches TV might be just that you need. However, if you a lover of gaming consoles and adore all news in the world of technology, you will undoubtedly enjoy much larger Full HD or 4K UHD-definition TVs. For games and high-quality movie lovers, colossal (up to 85-inch) TVs with curved screens are the ones to choose. Large screens are also perfect for the internet surfing or Skype interviews!