6 Tips on How To Shop at Kohl’s

  1. Get Kohl’s cash. If you’re a frequent Kohl’s visitor, you should definitely consider shopping in a way that you’d get Kohl’s Cash. Each time you shop for over than $50 at Kohl’s, you can earn $10 in Kohl’s cash. Shop less often so your shopping list gets bigger in order to take advantage of this and have your checkout sums larger – this way you will earn more of their cash and the next time you visit Kohl’s you will save a great deal of money. Keep in mind that Kohl’s Cash is only valid during specific time periods, so keep checking the dates. You can also combine them with coupons to get even better deals!
  1. Combine your coupons. Most of the stores will not allow this, but you can stack your coupons at Kohl’s. For example, you can get discounts of $10 and then add a 20% off any purchase for some ridiculous savings so keep those coupons, but don’t wait too long as they might expire before you can even use them.use coupons
  1. Return items any time you want. Kohl provides you with a great customer service and allows you to get your money back for up to 12 months after you purchase it. Of course the item shouldn’t be damaged in any way, but if you’re really lazy to return, you can always take your time. Even if you lose your receipt, the items that you paid with your credit card are stored in your shopping history so you can still get the cash back.
  1. Forgot to use your coupon? No problem. This annoying feeling can happen to anyone anywhere, but when you’re shopping at Kohl’s it’s not really a big deal. Send an email to their customer service with your order number and the promo code. If everything is correct they will verify the code and you will be credited in the form of the original payment. Even though it would have been quicker to use the coupon on your original purchase, this will save you the frustration and, of course, some money too.
  1. Shop during Power Hours. Fridays, starting at 3PM and ending on Saturday at 1PM are the best hours to shop at Kohl’s. These hours, excluding the time when they’re closed, obviously, will provide you with specials to save additional 10-25% on your shopping. These offers will pop up a couple of times a month, so keep your eyes open and you will save some extra cash, even if you shop online.
  1. Get cash back after price drops. This is getting more common around the stores because it’s just so frustrating to see the item on sale after you purchase it. Kohl’s will let you get your cash back if you provide them with your purchase history, given that the item that you bought had its price reduced. If you’re a frequent visitor, just keep checking for recent purchases that you’ve made and you might get lucky!