How to Save Money in College

College years are considered to be the peak point of their lives by many different people and they’re not wrong. It’s pointless to explain the reason behind it as it’s pretty self explanatory, but it might be hard to get the most out of these years if you’re lacking the “elixir of life”, which is money. We hope that these quick tips will help you spend less and enjoy more so you can get the best out of your student’s life.

Resell your textbooks. You should definitely think about renting them either from a library or some other place next year, but if you already bought them, sell them to people who need them. You will sell it for a fraction of the price that you paid, but it’s still worth the time.

Cook your own food. If you already know how to prepare some awesome meals for yourself, you’re going the right way. Eating out will eat through your budget quickly so even investing some of your cash in cooking classes can be worth the money. And hey, girls love when men cook!

Split your rent. Roommates. Some love them, some hate them, but if we’re talking about saving money – your only option is to love them. Splitting your rent and heating bills will reduce your main expense by half and you will have plenty of money left for your every day needs. Don’t be lazy when picking your roommate as they have the potential to make your life a living nightmare filled with dirty laundry and mouldy roommates

Don’t drive. Owning a car can be useful, but it is way too expensive for an average college student. If you already have one, that’s okay, but try to avoid using it as much as possible. Public transport is great these days and if you’re not a fan – go for a walk. Walking is a great exercise which will also help you finally achieve your new years resolution to lose a few pounds.

Don’t study. The cost of studies is absurd and if you’re looking to save some money you should avoid getting any kind of degree and also don’t forget to ignore this tip since it’s only a joke.

Avoid impulse purchases. This is pretty obvious, but it worth to remember it. Before you buy anything expensive, try to weigh all the facts. If it’s something really expensive – give it a few days, sleep on it and only then make the payment. There are a lot of things we don’t need, but we still end up buying so don’t make the same mistake and save yourself some money.

Enjoy free things. A lot of activities require money, but the world is filled with countless ways you can enjoy yourself without paying a dime. Invite your friends for a camping trip in your local park instead of getting wasted in the club weekend after weekend, buy cheap bus tickets and go for a short trip to a different city or go for a swim in a private pool at night. There are great ways to get free entertainment and it’s all up to you – all you have to do is be creative and soon you will end up being happy and, of course, rich.