6 Ways To Diversify Your Diet While Saving Money

  1. Eat what’s on sale. If you’re saving money, you should already be looking for sales, but when it comes to a diverse diet this might be quite challenging. Instead of planning your meals before you go shopping, check out what’s on sale and then plan your meal inside your head. This way you will not only have to come up with new ideas and a whole new spectre of food – you will be forced to do it. After a while, you will get used to thinking this way and your food variety will increase as will your savings.
  1. Buy cheaper meat. Instead of buying expensive parts of animals consider parts as thighs or even buying something like a whole chicken. You will enjoy meat without overpaying and you will be open to any new ideas such as burritos, soups, casseroles and many more recipes which are great with this kind of meat. You should also consider buying meat just before its expiration date. It will most likely be on sale and if you eat it fast enough you won’t poison yourself – you will only save yourself some extra cash for anything you want.
  1. Freeze the green stuff. A great way to stay healthy while saving money is to buy local produce that is in the season. Berries in winter are generally expensive but if you’re thriving for them you can buy them on season and freeze them for later. Freezing vegetables and fruits will provide you with a good supply of cheap healthy stuff for your winter meals and even though they’re not as tasty as if they were fresh, it’s still a good investment if you’re looking for some diversity in your meals while saving money.
  1. Grow your own herbs. Even if you’re living in a flat you can always stack some flower pots on your windowsill. Growing them is easy, fun and provides you with some great fresh herbs for your meals. You will also save money on buying some of the spices that you use in your daily food. If you have a garden close to your living place you can also consider growing vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes and many more, which combined with the tip above will provide you with healthy green stuff all year long and save you a lot of money.grow your herbs
  1. Buy less expensive foods. There are some meals which are so ridiculously easy to make that it makes us question why we haven’t heard them before. They include simple ingredients such as beans, eggs, seeds which will make your daily menu even bigger. There’s no trick to it as they all taste great and cost little to nothing if you buy them in bulk so you should definitely consider adding them to your grocery list.
  1. Avoid junk food. Junk food is probably the worst thing you can buy if you’re looking to eat a variety of meals and save money. They are expensive, most of them are boring and tasteless and they lack the nutrition we all need. Sure, you don’t have to prepare them, but in the end, is it really worth spending so much money on something that is so ridiculous?