A “How To” Guide of Staying Organized and Not Going Crazy While Stuck in the House

Stuck inside and starting to go stir-crazy? AGREED! You’ve worked on what you need to work on, you’ve worked out and you’re just out of focus, but what is there to do? You’ve already done a deep-cleanse of the place and tidied up, now what? Sure, you can go grab a snack, but do you really want to sit around and eat all day? I don’t, so, maybe I need a hobby. Now, I have a lot of them, but I still get bored with the same old same old, so something new would be great. When you’re stuck inside 24/7, it is very easy to tire of the things you normally find entertaining, so when that happens, what’s next? Having multiple hobbies is a good thing, and maybe you don’t practice your hobbies all that often, but that’s completely okay! Having different things in your repertoire makes you more versatile and adaptive to the world we find ourselves currently living in.

From reading to working out, baking and cooking to being a neat freak, there’s only so much one can take. With so much time on your hands, why not become one of those DIY-ers? This is a possibility! Sure, if we all pick up a hobby and start an Etsy shop, things will be more saturated than they already are, but you can still become your own Etsy Shop! Instead of paying someone else to make you this or that, why not try your hand at it yourself? Some of you may have the patience for it and do a really great job at it, but others may get tired of it and just realize it’s better left to others. Either way, you’ve tried, and if you haven’t dove into it yet, stores like Michaels are here to help!

Now, you might think DIY isn’t for you, but now’s as good a time as any to test your hand at it and see if maybe you’re just overthinking it and underestimating yourself. I got a Cricut machine for my birthday last year and it took me almost 8 months to sit down and give it a shot. Sure, I messed up the first couple of designs majorly, but I set my mind to it and then finally discovered it’s not that bad. You won’t see me opening an Etsy shop anytime soon; however, I’ll definitely make my own items and stuff for my family and friends!

The Cricut machine is just one of the DIY offerings you can find at stores like Michaels, but it’s definitely not the only one! It’s also more reserved for adults because it can be a bit tricky. However, for adults and kids alike, you can find a multitude of things to do! Maybe the kids need some type of at-home art projects to work on, Michaels has everything you need and even offers up ideas of what you do with the kiddos when they’re bored and need something to do other than sit in front of a screen. Now, of course there’s always reading a book, but there’s only so much reading you can do in a day without tiring of that as well.

Kids’ projects have a varying array of options as to what can be done. From educational crafts to decorative and “just for fun” projects, your kids will be busy for a long time but in one of the best ways possible! Creativity is so very important in a child’s life, and arts and crafts are a great way to bring it to the surface. From popsicle stick art to drawing and coloring, jewelry making to holiday inspired fun, your kid will never have a dull moment.

Maybe you have the creative bone yourself and want to use these more as inspiration and then create your own ideas to follow – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and honestly, I think you should go for it!

Whatever you choose, you can find the supplies you need at Michaels! The stores might be closed, but they’re still available online. Shipments might be delayed; however, while you wait, you can plan out a schedule of crafts to make sure that the kids, or you yourself, never get bored! Do something different each day or take a day off in between projects. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll have a blast doing so and enjoy learning new things as well as occupying yourself in some way through these times.

For me, planning out my days or constructing a “To Do” list really helps me stay productive and on track. Anything you can use, a white board, a desk calendar, a planner, what have you, make use of it! If you don’t have any of them, you can download some off the web or download the image below! I’ve crafted a sample “To Do” list as well as a monthly calendar for your convenience. Print out the blank calendar month by month and customize it! I hope you can utilize them and keep yourself sane and busy during this time!

Keep track of what you need to get done, or if you’re setting up crafts for the kids, plan out a different craft and make sure they don’t do two of the same too close together!

To-Do List Template:

Monthly Calendar :