How to Save Even More at The Grocery Store

Buy in bulk. Many foods are available for sale in bulk for a lower price. Grains such as rice, oats, barley are all available in bulk and buying it in large quantities can save you great amounts of money. If you store it well in an airtight space they will last for years so you should definitely consider this investment. They’re also highly nutritious and can help you survive if your budget is really tight until you get back on your feet.

Grow your own food. If you have a place where you can grow your own vegetables you can use this to your advantage. Although you can only grow vegetables during the summer, you can freeze some of them and store the others. Seeds cost little to nothing and you can grow enough for you and your family, that is what farmers did a few hundred years back in time after all.

Don’t let the food spoil. Keeping your fridge organized will prevent you from tossing out food after its spoiled and save you from unnecessary waste of money. Check the expiration date on everything you buy to make sure you won’t have to throw it away. Stews and soups are a great way to use up all your leftovers which are about to rot for a nice dinner or two which will open up space for fresh food and save you from wasting your money.spoiled food

Look for alternatives. If you’re keeping track of your receipts, you can check your grocery list for the most expensive stuff and replace it with lower cost alternatives. This adds up quickly each time you go to the shop and you will save a lot of money in no time.

Listen to upbeat music. This small tip can be really effective. Most grocery stores intentionally play slow paced music to make you relax and spend more time at their place and, of course, more money. Wear your own headphones and play some of your favorite dance hits – not only will it make shopping fun, but it will also make your shopping swift and reduce the time you potentially buy things you don’t really need.

Utilize coupons. Although savings from coupons most of the time are small, they quickly add up. Prepare your grocery list and then head out for coupon hunting – it will take a little bit of your time, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Shop less. The more times you come into a store, the more times you are likely to buy that useless extra Snickers bar. Impulse purchases are really hard to get rid off, but you can reduce the chance of that happening if you shop less often. Fill your cart for groceries which will last you for a month and you will be saving yourself from wasting money on food you don’t need. Be careful when shopping like this as you can easily get a lot of food wastage after it spoils so keep an eye on those expiration dates and you will be saving cash in no time.