5 Tips on How To Shop on Neiman Marcus

  1. Register for News and Sales. If you’re always on a lookout for sales, you can register your email to get all the great deals Neiman Marcus offers. You will get Last Call Clearance sales reminders and you will also get to register for free giveaway events for a chance to get that fashionable dress you always wanted.
  2. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit. Shopping online for clothes can be difficult for this sole reason since you can’t really try out clothing if you don’t have it in your hands, but Neiman Marcus has figured it out. Instead of going through all the struggle and returning an items through the mail, you can simply return it to the store. You will save yourself some cash oncheck your measurements returning shipping cost, but take notice that they cannot return you your money in the store. You will receive an acknowledgment slip for your returned item, and they will transfer the money once the product is safe in the warehouse. It’s rather annoying, but hey, at least you won’t have to struggle when sending it by mail.
  3. Check the sales. Most of the online stores have this option on their front page and Neiman Marcus is no different. Huge sales banners which are happening all the time are just waiting to be clicked. This is definitely worth the time as you can get some great deals from seasonal sales. You can search items by designer, category and size, making your shopping spree even easier.
  4. Know your measurements. Knowing the best prices and sale dates is good, but you should save yourself the struggle of returning an item before you buy it. If you don’t know all the complexity behind the measurements, you can simply get a professional to measure it for you. This way you will know the exact size you need and you can shop without fear. All that’s left is to find the most fashionable piece of clothing and shock all your friends with your new stunning look.
  5. Remember the Brands. If you really like that last pair of pants you bought from Neiman Marcus, you should take notes of the brand names. This might sound silly at first, but it’s really the best way you can shop online. You will know their style, sizing and you will be able to choose from clothes that really fit you instead of picking something blindly. This way you will know what to expect from them and it will save you a lot of time when you’re on your next shopping spree. So ignore all those silly comments your friends make about your brand-name diary and watch them struggle when they choose from countless name brands while you already know what’s best for you.