Iron for you – Boost your body with energy

Every human body is different, but the needs are nearly the same. One has to eat to get his/her dose of energy that can keep them going for the entire day. Human body is a complex structure and saying that blood is the fuel would not be wrong. Nerves carry the blood to different parts of the body and they need care and nourishment to help them do the process for years and years without any stop. Blood also makes you look beautiful. Those suffering from anaemia look dull. Shortage of blood can lead to many health troubles. Women’s are at higher risk compared to men’s. If you are getting tired easily, looking pale or are

exhausted after climbing a flight of stairs, then consider visiting your physician to get a routine check-up and complete some simple tests to check if you are Anaemic. If you are one, do not worry, there are some simple food changes which you can make to get back your health.

Dieticians suggest many simple food habit changes which can be adopted among which some are:

• Include leafy vegetables in your diet: experts say that this is a tried and tested method that has worked wonders. Most of you do not like spinach, fenugreek leaves and cabbage, but these are the ones that would help in getting you the lost iron which your body requires. You can include some of the iron rich vegetables and pulses to make an iron rich nutritional diet for you and your family.


• Add herbs to your daily food: This is an age old method that is passed on from the grannies. Dried herbs like coriander, basil and bay leaf act like magnets that help body cells in absorbing iron content available in the food. A few leaves of coriander or basil would not change the taste of the dish, but will surely work wonders on your health.

• Vitamin C fruits: People suffering from Iron deficiency should leave no chance to include Vitamin C rich fruits in their diet. Instead of munching your daily junk food dose, pick a vitamin c rich fruit like orange, papaya or guava and see the glow in your face.


If you have tried these tips and want to pamper your health bit more, then get an appointment at a spa. Yes, spa treatment helps a lot in rejuvenating the cells and also improves circulation of the blood. The masseurs at the spa know your body needs and they work accordingly. Those who have visited the spa before know the advantages, and for those who have not tried it, is offering coupons. Yes, if you want to pamper your body and are looking for offers, then do pick some Nordstrom coupons with which you can get discounts on spa essentials at the Nordstrom store.