Worst Places To Hide Your Money At Home

Grandma always told us stories about a pot of gold being unearthed at some relatives backyard, and we always imagined discovering one ourselves, isn’t it? Well that old-wives-tale could have had some truth in it, if not the whole thing, and lucky is the finder whose hands discovered the bounty. But wait! What about the person who hid the stash there and now lost it all? Did he forget about the pot of gold? Poor him!

hide money

Cut to the new age

Irrespective of the security alarms, CCTV cameras and every rule in the book for home safety we follow, how assured are we of a ‘fail-proof’ mechanism that would not allow burglars easy access to the bounty we store at home- cash and jewels especially! Here are some places which are secure and some that aren’t so secure to keep your valuables and money hidden.

Read on and do not become the man who lost his pot of gold or the homemaker who got robbed!

Get a heavy duty safe

These days you’d find electronic heavy-duty safes and lockers at the bank to store your precious money and valuable in, but we are talking about your home. So investing in a home based heavy duty locker would be the best thing to do. Made from cast iron and steel, with electronic codes that alert the police and you, should there be break-in, your money would be safe from being robbed. The best security you could give yourself and a night of peaceful sleep too, knowing that the money wouldn’t be whisked away at night or when you aren’t around! The alarm system would be in sync to the one you use at home, and you wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

heavy duty safe

Never store it in the tank with fishes

Why would you do that? Yes the tank is large enough to store the precious items, but that tank is meant for fishes and the aquatic life alone. Even if you hide the money neatly rolled and stashed in solid colour jars, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out there is something unusual and in that tank. This is an open invitation to the world, and you’d be crying later for such an act- don’t stash your stuff here! The fish wouldn’t have a way to tell, should the robbers place their hands into their watery kingdom!

False ceilings

This is a catch-22 situation. While a false ceiling is almost invisible at first glance, but there’s no assurance that your precious belongings would be safe being kept there. While some homeowners across the world have used the false ceiling to stash their valuables and successfully too, chances are the same may not or may work for you- there’s no assurance and telling! To have a secure false ceiling installed, the DIY method is the worst to adopt. Only professionals know best how to make it safe and secure, but then, it would be someone who would know how to break through the ceiling and rob you off everything!

The Kitchen

This is a place where you cook, eat, grab a cup of coffee and socialise too, so hiding your stuff in the cabinets or the vessels is a NO-NO. Plenty of hands would be around this area all day long, and when you need the money in a rush, it would take time for you to rummage through everything and to find the stash. Skip the kitchen and think of some other place- maybe an old oven that isn’t being used and stored in the attic- who would think of the oven!

The Washing machine

Thieves would never check this place, not unless they are in for a wash. They don’t have the time to check the washing machine, so place your money here. Imagine someone rummaging through your smelly clothes; would they do that for loot?

The Freezer

Cold hard cash eh! We guess the old adage used may have come from the act of many people storing their money in the freezer- thieves wouldn’t check that place, unless they want to have a drink of water on a hot summer night!

Once again, your precious items, jewels and money should be in the bank, and not at home. Keep only what is needed and the rest should be in a heavy duty locker, if you think of keeping them at home!