5 Skin Care Products That Shouldn’t Be Bought from The Local Drugstore


Be very careful about the skincare products you pick over the counter, and don’t pick them up just because it promises you to look fairer, brings more glow or maybe your favorite fashion idol endorsed it. There are creams with such high levels of chemical concentrations that would actually do more harm than good for your skin. For example, BB creams by many companies promise a salon look- just for an hour. An hour later your skin would look flushed and dead, is that what you want? Here are five skincare products sans the brands names that you shouldn’t pick!


1. Neck creams

Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum


Why do you need a separate cream for the neck, when the night cream for the face is more than enough to use? Investing separately in another cream makes no sense! However, if you do have oily skin only on the face and not the neck- a neck cream then makes sense or else it does not. Neck creams are a pricey bunch of cosmetics, so be diligent if you need one or want one- there’s a difference here, and your purse strings shouldn’t loosen up on the same. This product can be found on amazon to save please use amazon promo code.





2. A toner




Let’s make this very clear, unless you have large pores and very oily skin, you don’t need a toner, period. Toners are for pre-makeup rituals as well, and for those who suffer from sensitive and rosacea skin issues too. If you don’t fall under these categories, toners are a waste of money. You could try using mint water at home to tone the skin should you want a toner.







3. Cleansers

skin cleanser



Cleansers help clean the skin of dirt, grime and makeup, but if you choose one that claims to do more than just cleaning, you are being fooled by ad gimmicks and gurus. Did you know that the cleanser formula works for only ten seconds, and doesn’t help with anti-ageing at all! Save your cash here!







4. A hydrating serum


I9798fde4ae94492923282744236d1d0et’s fluff to have a hydrating serum for daily use, since it wouldn’t do much to help the skin with hydration. Serums basically help seal the skin when an invasive process is done, which means only after treatments should you use serum, not otherwise! You can use serum for sensitive and irate skin issues- save your money if you have oily to combo or normal and dry skin!








5. Anti-ageing formulas




We want to look young and in that spree we pick up plenty of anti-ageing products. Let’s face one truth here, nature has her way to tell us we are ageing and we cannot stop that or prevent it in the long run. Products that promise to stop ageing are hogwash statements made by the ad world. If you really want anti-ageing creams, choose one that has retinoids in them and under the supervision of an expert only.










Save your money, be a smart shopper and a diligent fashionista!