8 Most Iconic All-Time Brands

  1. Google. Google is probably the best thing we have right now. Just imagine that only 18 years ago you had to rely on your friends, family or the yellow pages to get information. All you have to do right now is do a quick Google search and you will get information about anything! You can even find where to purchase nuclear warheads if you really want to.
  1. McDonald’s. This fast food chain has gone through a lot during its years: it’s been considered the most unhealthy food that you can possibly eat. Every mom was disgusted by the thought of going to McDonalds while every child was dreaming for another tasty cheeseburger. It’s not a surprise that a chain this big would get a spot on this list when it’s been around for so long.
  1. Levi’s. If you’re looking for a good pair of jeans that will last you for a lifetime, Levi’s is the place for you. They’re known for their good quality pants and holding on to their traditions. They were first founded in 1850 and they werebrands standing strong in the clothing market so we can at least give them a spot on this list for being such a huge influence in the market.
  1. Pepsi. When thinking about Pepsi, most of us think about a Coca-Cola rip off, but only few of us know that Pepsi is what made Coca-Cola so great. Even though Coca-Cola seems to be winning the marketing war, their rivalry has lasted for many years and was healthy to both firms as they were helping each other to grow to be standing strong in this list for the most iconic brands ever.
  1. Mercedes-Benz. Everyone knows about the quality of these cars, but they also created some of the greatest plane, tank and submarine engines during Word War II. They’re respected for their quality and, of course, those sweet V8 engines.
  1. Apple. After Steve Jobs came back to this company, he made wonders. No one has customers as loyal as they’re loyal to Apple products and it’s easy to see why. This man has uplifted a company that was rivaling something as big as Microsoft. No wonder some people saw him as if he was a God.
  1. Coca-Cola. As mentioned above, rivalry with Pepsi has made Coca-Cola a number 1 soft drink in the world. It’s so big that some post-apocalyptic scenarios think that Coca-Cola bottle caps will be the new currency after the world takes an unfortunate turn of events since their drinks can be found anywhere around the world.
  1. Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft takes the crown of this list as there’s nothing that compares to them. Their operating system is considered to be a norm on every computer. Most of the people don’t even think about getting any other software than Windows so it’s not really a surprise that it would be on the top of this list, even the creator of this firm is the richest man on earth!