7 Helpful Tips for Making Your Home a Festive Fall Haven

Fall is the perfect time of year to make a few changes to your life! With invigorating weather and exciting holidays, there’s plenty of ideas to choose from when it comes to decor. Remember, no matter what style you choose you should keep in mind all of the traits that go along with the season.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, foster a space that welcomes each and every person with open arms. If you’re unsure of where to start when making your home a festive fall haven, take a look at these seven helpful tips!

Create Inviting Living Spaces

With all of the events that occur in autumn, be sure your space is inviting for guests. 

If you plan on having company over a long weekend or for a holiday, give them their own place to unwind. An excellent guest room has its own bathroom, clean sheets, comfortable pillows, a pressure-relieving mattress, some form of amusement, a thermostat and an extra blanket for comfort.

Accessorize with Accents

Give into the guilty pleasures of essential autumn decor. This means pumpkins, gourds, cornucopias or even scarecrows. Find accents in unexpected finishes to bring together traditional and modern styles. From shiny plastic styles to bright orange traditional ones that are the real deal, pumpkins are a fun ornament to bring to any space. 

Get creative with your decorating by incorporating unexpected areas for decor like your house’s porch. Corn stalks, hay bales and jack-o-lanterns are fantastic additions to an eye-catching front entrance with a lot of curb appeal.

No matter which scent you choose, candles are a great source for a surprising touch that you and any visitors are sure to love!

Hang Art with a Purpose

Don’t forget, there’s a reason for the season during Thanksgiving. When decorating your walls, hang artwork that promotes gratitude. 

Do you need a daily reminder of what you can be thankful for? Try pieces that display popular quotes or thought-provoking ideas. Take it a step further by putting those words into action. Start your own journal to reflect on all that you have. 

If quotes and sayings aren’t quite your thing, include your personal photo collection to remind yourself of all you have to be appreciative for. Hang photos of your family, friends and pets for some personal prompts of your own type of thanksgiving. Attempt a gallery wall or other unique ways to display photos for a touch of homeliness that is closely tied with fall. 

Add Popular Patterns in with Blankets and Pillows

As the temperatures drop, the need for cushy blankets and pillows goes way up! Fill your rooms with plenty of cozy accoutrements in plenty of patterns. Tartan, plaid, and buffalo check work great in any fall haven while soft flannel or cashmere textiles will satisfy your need to snuggle in and relax.

Spread them out throughout your rooms to tie it all together. Choose from various colors like orange, brown, yellow or red to create a celebratory feel. Be sure to have them available in each living space in case you experience a slight chill in the air!

Change Out Your Rugs and Curtains

Rugs and curtains can be changed with each time of year to help homes be more upbeat. From interesting designs to comfy textures, these simple pieces can help pull an entire room together. 

If you decide to go simple with single-tone styles, choose options in rugs that are plush and shag or curtains in velvet materials. These are sure to cozy up any space! For styles that include bold designs, choose muted accessories to balance the space accordingly.

However, they can tend to rack up a price tag. Instead of spending oodles of cash each year, purchase goods from a website that provides discounted prices on accents. Or, use a popular coupon site to snag the best deals on rugs and curtains that fit each time of year. 

Spruce Up Your Mantel

The mantel is the ideal place for a focus piece. Many people gather around their fireplace for a warming pick-me-up especially when the weather begins to take a turn for the worse. Utilize an engaging centerpiece with unconventional items that fit best with the season’s look. 

Hit a thrift store to see what special treasures you can find. Think about special additions like candlesticks in autumnal tones, fall flowers like goldenrod or even mirrors in different shapes or sizes for a custom display you will be proud to gaze upon for the remainder of fall.

Use Scent to Tie Everything Together

Everyone loves the scent of pumpkin spice or a fresh apple pie sitting on the windowsill. Take advantage of the powerful force of scent to harmonize and bring precious memories of childhood rushing back.

Spread out plenty of candles in your favorite fall fragrance for a festive haven that excites the senses. Consider different options ranging from classic aromas such as apple pumpkin or balsam cedar to new, exciting favorites such as sweet maple chai or farm stand festival.