A How to Guide for Decorating for Halloween

Halloween: a holiday that you either love or hate; there’s really no in between. Some people love the eerie, spooky vibes that come along with the holiday whereas others are ready to skip over it and get to the big two: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now, whether or not you like Halloween is entirely okay, but if you want to try and get in the spirit, here are a few tips on how to decorate for the holiday:

First, you can go the simple route: pumpkins, corn stalks, scarecrows and more pumpkins. Many people may consider this nothing but “Fall” decoration; however, it works just as well for Halloween, especially if you’re trying to keep things mild and subdued. Pumpkins are highly associated with Halloween given the fact that many people carve different kinds of designs into them. This is one way to make your pumpkins more “Halloween-esque.” Corn stalks are associated with Halloween in the sense that corn mazes are a fall activity, and haunted corn mazes become a Halloween staple too. Scarecrows – well that’s just a given. Cute scarecrows or spooky scarecrows – Fall and Halloween are both covered. Now, obviously not everyone is going to have the same setup for these decorations, and some may not know where to begin, but lucky for you – Target is here to help! Target has curated sections for indoor Halloween Decorating, and one theme is “Harvest.” Check out what they have, and guess what? You can use a lot of the decor for Thanksgiving too! Multi-purpose is the best because then you definitely get your money’s worth.

Next, a staple Halloween tradition: black, orange and purple; that’s right, the three colors most commonly associated with Halloween. These are easy to work with and really allow anyone to make their decor more “Halloween” as opposed to just “Fall.” Trick or Treat, Haunted Houses, Ghosts and more are also always brought about when it comes to Halloween. Hobby Lobby has a good selection of options of little wall hangings or statues that embody Halloween. Start off small if you aren’t sure if this is your style or not. Hobby Lobby is a great place to find a starting place or even find the materials to create something yourself. If you see something you really like, but don’t necessarily want to spend the money on it, 9 times out of 10 you can DIY. If you aren’t going to buy something, it’s definitely a great place to spark interest and creativity for you to create something yourself! Get started now with their selection of Halloween items!

Lastly, for the creative types who may prefer going all out – spooky. “Spooky” is almost always associated with Halloween: ghosts, skulls, skeletons, etc., the options are elaborate. Some people may like to take this particular route and go to the extreme and turn their front yard into a “Haunted Playground” of sorts for people to look at or even walk through depending on your neighborhood and other factors. One place that can help fulfill this dream is Michaels. Michaels has items like large inflatable ghosts and hanging grim reapers that can help spook up your front yard if that’s the vibe you’re going for. Along with these options, you can turn your yard into a graveyard with fake tombstones and more, also found at Michaels.

Regardless of your Halloween style, there are many options available to get into the holiday. You can go simple with Harvest, festive with colors and Halloween staples like Trick or Treat, or spooky with a front yard “Haunted Playground.”

No matter your style, start collecting items now so you can really get the full enjoyment of them by putting them up October 1st or sooner if you’re that into it!

Enjoy these tips and really go for it this year! Happy Shopping and Happy Haunting.