7 Reasons Why It Is Always Worth to Keep and Buy Less

“There are two ways to become a wealthy man – one is to accumulate a lot; other – want less” (Jackie French Koller).

Have you ever complained that you don’t have anything to wear, although your closet is full of clothes; you purchased a ton of good in a supermarket, which you did not plan to buy? The unlimited use in Western countries has become a sort of religion. People buy and store almost every day. The desire to have more closes not only our houses but also our brains.

Minimalism and living with less is the idea often understood as the intention to give up everything. However, the real essence of minimalism is that every item (regarding things at home) must not only have a clear purpose but also should be used. Less stuff – more happiness, more money, more freedom and less stress.

Need more prove? Then here – read these seven reasons to buy less brought to you by our new friends from ChameleonJohn who are offering the best coupons codes to shop at all eco-friendly and organic stores!

  1. You will feel the fun of managing

The smaller amount of items in your home will certainly make cleaning up make more enjoyable occupation. You will instantly spend less time dusting off things that you never used, and all of that makes it easier and simpler to clean the house. Sounds like a dream come true? Give up, sell or gift stuff you don’t need to people who need them but can’t afford and achieve this in a day!

  1. You will enjoy more spacious home

At home with fewer items, people become more important than things. According to experts, more spacious home helps to get rid of the feeling that you are living in a small box. So naturally, once you decide to say goodbyes to stuff you don’t need, you will get more space and fresh air instantly.

  1. Saving money

Buying less, not only saves a lot of money because we buy more rarely, but also saves money that can be used to buy other, more needed maintenance items. Binge promotions and deals we rush into really are not saving money. These, in fact, are the ways traders sell us unnecessary items. So, we the less stuff we have, the less we need and therefore the less we spend!

  1. You’ll experience less stress

With less work and things, you will reduce stress instantly. It will reduce not only the amount of dust you need to remove at home during chore time but this way it will be easier to find what you are looking for. Not to forget the inner peace which is a result of controllability in life, which are what we are looking for as many other modern people.

  1. You will be more productive

Many of us complain that we have so little time, but we are placing our priorities as if time is infinite. Therefore, let’s do and buy only what is essential, and nothing else. Specialists stress that people who are less covered with unnecessary items have more time to fulfill their dreams. So give up on everything that is stopping you and feel the tidal energy right away.productive

  1. The use of better quality items

Sometimes things get broken and naturally for us, it seems easier not to fix it, but throw it away and instead buy another thing. But it only increases consumption, and the products are becoming disposable. Once you start buying less, you will have the opportunity to purchase high-quality items. High-quality items, such as bedding or clothing, are not only beautiful but also the last longer. It also means that you will have to pay a bit extra for them, but all that will pay off pretty soon, because you will have a thing which will be with you for decades.

  1. You will use the items that you already have

If you know the things that you already have, you will avoid duplication – somehow at home appear two, the same purpose performing items.

Daily challenge – go around your home and reject things that are not in use for a long time (for example, the old belt, and not used tablecloth). But it is important to note that the first step toward more spacious living is not throwing stuff away, but it is the reduction of purchasing unnecessary items.