Feeling Phenomenal With Music: HEALING FOR YOU

Music – A Significant & Accessible Tool for Therapy

Most human beings have convenient access to music in their lives every day. Most human beings love music in one or another of its forms. Did you know that music has healing properties? Yes, it is true. You can learn to use music to heal all your health worries away. Nurturing wellness is a constant and ongoing endeavor for every individual. Measures to create and maintain wellness may be initiated by oneself or with the assistance of another person who may desirably be a trained professional implementing planned music therapy. Therapy itself may be summed up as the attempted methodical treatment of an identified health problem. Treatment going by the name of therapy can take various forms. When it is not being administered physically as medicine, therapy can act as passed on healing intangibly, such as when yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are taught to individuals. Other such forms include art therapy, which can include techniques based on drawing, painting, dance, movement, and finally, music.

Myriad Musical Paths to Holistic Invigoration

Both creating and listening to music can lead to healing and a feeling of being more centered, at the very least. When we sing or move to music it can have an invigorating effect on our entire system. Music, described as the art form that travels through auditory channels, can take on many forms. There are myriad available genres of music that exist today that have developed and come to be, over time. In addition to classical music, whether you are a lover of rock music with its many different shades, or whether you take to R & B and Soul, if disco music works its magic on you, or if you are a fan of pop, Latin, or jazz music, or even if you are one to go completely gaga over the hip hop, folk, electronic, country or blues genres of music, be sure of one thing, music can find a way to connect with your body, mind, and your very soul. Yes, the benefits of music can manifest themselves to affect the physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual dimensions of a person. And what’s more, through the universal appeal of its innate aesthetics, music affects society itself by holding it together and providing a means to celebrate life for one and all.


Healing through Music is Within Your Reach

Music therapy is an established health profession based on the curative powers of music, but you can use its principles in your everyday life to stay happy, peaceful, and young at heart, forever. Different forms of music can be used to create wonders for the health of different types of individuals with different needs. This can involve just listening to music, singing along or even alone, moving one’s body to music, or attempting to create music. These are all simple ways to move on the healing or remedial process. At the very basic level, music provides an outlet for feelings apart from directly affecting the listener’s mood when it is heard. Music is known to be effective in treating even the most complex of illnesses and ailments, especially those conditions that have their basis in a damaged emotional state. Abundant research has gone into and is ongoing in better understanding the science of musical healing with theories and proofs firmly in place.

Many Manifestations of the Power of Music

Different styles of music can exert a calming, joyful, meditative, upbeat, or energizing effect as the case may be. On the flip side, there are musical pieces that can cause an upsetting or saddened state to set in, so be very careful what style of music you select for yourself to come into contact with. Interacting with music most often has a cathartic effect on those coming into contact with it by releasing bottled up or cloistered away feelings. Music is a very powerful force and the right form of it can work wonders where other conventional methods have failed. Even though the process provides an instant release, what is required is a consistent approach together with close concentration and a time segment set apart each day for music. Here, one must understand that therapeutic music is different from music therapy where while the latter refers to therapy administered by trained and credentialed professionals, the former involves individuals just interacting with positive music and leading to a mellowing or curative effect to ameliorate one’s blue away.

Emotional Upliftment Plus Several Applications (Clinical and More)

While music therapy can be employed by trained individuals to reduce certain symptoms in speech disorders, dementia, asthma, heart disease, stroke, pain, autism, sleep disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, motor skills issues, memory problems, mood disorders, and other psychiatric and neurological disorders, it is also undeniably uplifting emotionally and this aspect can be exploited by one and all to yield good results in our everyday lives. Music is played and musical performances are conducted in many hospitals, psychiatric facilities, treatment centers and nursing homes. Did you know that music therapy is used to aid problem free labor and delivery for pregnant women? And the best part is that music is completely safe without any risks and anyone can be exposed to and benefit from it. This is because as human beings we are naturally programmed to process and respond to music.

At Home Musical Solutions to Everyday Problems

It is also a fantastic idea to enjoy music in the comfort of your own home, alone or in the company of friends and family as you move gradually but surely from feeling disturbed and less than happy or peaceful to feeling more self aware and focused on the constructive and the positive. Use music for everyday solutions to problems such as heightened stress levels, by actively creating or responding to music by moving physically, or by simply listening passively for relaxation. Singing uninhibited is a great release too. Music is designed to hold our attention from its very nature and that is how it affects our emotions, bodies and minds so much so that it can even trigger memories and take us back to a specific time or place from our lives. We are connected undeniably to music because music affects our brainwaves, heart rate, and breathing as well in a primal fashion. And this is how it can bring changes in our state of mind, moving towards the stress free and optimistic with the right choice of tunes and accompanying words. And that is how it works!

Processing Music – Sing, Move, Dance, Meditate, Relax

There are reasons galore to take time out few times a week if not every day and listen to calming tunes and lilting melodies. Even better, put together a playlist of your favorite music and listen to it over and over again, at a comfortable volume, while giving yourself the permission to let loose and sing and dance along spontaneously with freedom and joy, as a child would. One can learn a lot by observing the free and natural way in which children take to music, prancing about without a care in the world. You can benefit a lot by following suit. Alternatively, you can also pick a cozy and clean spot at home or in a garden, at a quieter time of day and plug in your earphones quietly as you let mellifluous and meditative, slow and rhythmic music flow into you being as you begin to relax and gradually reach a state of peace and calm, with hardly any thoughts buzzing about in your head. These activities and techniques can even be carried out in a group while letting the synergy work its magic.

Learn the Basics and Let It Out with Musical Equipment

Another great idea is to pick up a music instrument, no matter what your age, and take lessons or learn by yourself how to play it. Before you know it the rhythm and vibration will be resonating inside your being as you become one with the music that is created. And you are lucky to have a host of online coupons for you to use while buying from a diverse range of musical instruments, right from guitars, keyboards, drums, and percussion from Guitar Center and avail of some phenomenal savings, discounts, deals, as well as free shipping offers. You can even buy microphones here for you to exercise your singing voice, gifted or not, feel free to let it out. Those interested can benefit from the music lessons that trained professionals at Guitar Center provide. For the ones who are more professionally involved in music, this online music store even has musical equipment, amplifiers, D J equipment, recording software and studio gear. The ChameleonJohn online coupons will get you the very best bargains as you blissfully shop online.

Integrate Music into Your Life – No Side Effects!

So make music an integral part of your life’s journey and see its miracle work as you break free from the chains of stress and suffering and feel great positivity course though your being untrammeled. Music can have an intoxicating effect and you may feel like remaining immersed all the time within its bounds. Go ahead! Music has no side effects. Take your music player along when you travel long distances or commute to work, and plant those earphones into your ears to enjoy some extra musical time. In fact, with music time will pass as no time at all. Play music while you cook and clean. Play it while you do the dishes and while you make the beds. Play marvelous tunes the first thing when you get up in the morning while you kick start the day. You can even play it when you work out. Music is as great for aerobics and kick boxing as it is for yoga and Pilates. Play some while you relax in the afternoons and evenings. Even play it at bedtime as you slip into deep and restful sleep. Be assured that whenever you want to escape into bliss, music lies waiting for you to tap into its revitalizing reserves – musical reserves that are, reliable, inexhaustible, enchanting, and yours for all your life.