Flavourful Pizza toppings for those who like their meal to be fresh, healthy and tasty

Freshly baked pizzas are delightful. These are something that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Chefs around the world have been playing with the toppings to suit the tastes of locals. The pizza crusts are mainly made with flour and yeast which is flattened and topped with combination of veggies, sauces and meat to give you that tummy filling wholesome pizzas. Innovations with the crust have resulted in the cheesy crust and thin crust pizzas that are loved by the diehard pizza fans. As said, every country of the world has its own Pizza topping ideas and adding that it is all delicious would not be wrong. Let’s discuss some pizza topping ideas that have been useful in making this Italian dish a global favourite.

Indian pizzas:

Indian’s are known to be foodies. The food served in India is rich in calories, but it can be said that they have been adopting healthier food habits by adopting healthier options like olive oil over ghee. Indian pizzas have that Indian flavour in them. The favourite veggie pizza topping in India would have loads of paneer (cottage cheese) in it. Chicken tikka pizza is also a hot pizza topping that is a favourite among non-vegetarian Indians. The pizza topping list in India is never ending. No matter what is topped on their pizzas, Indians want their pizzas soaked in melted mozzarella cheese.

indian pizza

German Pizzas:

It would not be a surprise to know that German love their pizzas when it is topped with Tuna. Tuna is combined with other pizza topping ideas to give German’s their favourite Italian dish. Tuna Pizza is a all-time favourite in Germany and German’s like it that way.

german pizza

Japanese pizza:

Mayo Jaga is what Japanese call their pizza. Japanese love their pizza when it is loaded with veggie pizza toppings. Some of the favourite vegetarian pizza topping include potatoes, olives, onions and capsicum. Mayo Jaga is available everywhere in Japan, pizza joints like Domino’s have fresh Mayo Jaga tossed for the Japanese in their style.

japanese pizza

French Pizza:

Tarte Flambée is what French call their pizza. French Pizza originated in the Bas- Rhin in Northeastern Frence region. French Pizza is slightly smaller in size, but is topped with delicious veggie pizza toppings and cheese very much like its Italian counterpart.

french pizza

Russian Pizza:

Mockba or Russian Pizza is heavy. Russians love their pizza when it is topped with varieties of supreme pizza toppings that include mackerels, tuna, salmon and onions. Mockba unlike Italian pizza is served cold, but is a meal that is complete with essential nutritional requirement.

russian pizza

These are some of the best Pizza topping ideas that have been picked from some of the best pizza loving places around the world. Pizzas are loved by all and are the only dish that has so many variations in it. There is still scope for more innovations. You can toss your pizza with your favourite topping. Toss a pizza the way you like it and share it with friends.