Going Shopping? Here’s a List of the Best and Worst Things to Buy This Month

Well Spring Season is here and even though you plan on sitting down for enjoying the season, it is time for minimalistic spring shopping. We have gone through various archives to get you a list of things that you could buy or refrain from buying, this month. Availability of discount coupons has played a major role during formulation of this list, while we considered everything from chocolates to private jets, to generate this list. Here it goes.

What to Get This Month?

·         Great Deals Available on Laptops from Intel

Over the last few months we had recommended you to buy laptops based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. However, this time we recommend their Haswell powered laptops. They are powerful than their predecessor, while heavy discounts are currently on offer. Best deals on 15 inch Haswell laptops are starting from $415, while Ivy Bridge laptops cost an average of $484. Special Holiday season price tags are currently available. Hence, start now!

·         Every Season is Chocolate Season

Did you give your Valentine chocolates for Valentine’s Day? If not, this might be your best chance yet. Themed sweets are currently available at huge discounts at all major chains. Hence, get discount codes and coupons before rushing to your nearest dealer. Gift sections are bound to have an assortment of great items, on a budget.

·         Year End Deals on Smart Phones

A majority of electronics dealers are clearing last year’s stocks, for a great deal. This might actually be the best time to get that iPhone which you dearly wanted. Freebie phone deals on two year contracts are the most common deal you are bound to find, even then, this deal is full on profit. Every time a phone catches your fancy, be sure to wait a few months, to avail discounts as high as 50%.

·         Want an Xbox One? Time to Head to the Showroom

Brand new Xboxes are soon to feature heavy price discounts within March / April and if your nearest showroom is refusing to reduce prices now, wait for a few weeks to get the best deals. Various stores are currently offering 5% discounts on Xbox One, as sales have fallen owing to the huge success recorded by PlayStation 4.

What Not To Get This Month?

·         Hold Up From Getting Branded Lingerie

You may think that this is a suitable time to go lingerie shopping as the valentine’s season is just over. However, reality is something different. Prices are at an all time high, with discount season far away. Wait till June / July for best sellers such as Victoria’s Secret, to cut prices.

·         Not The Best Time to Buy Dresses Too

The best time to buy seasonal apparel is the middle of a season. You are likely to cut good deals during these times. Hence, you should wait for a few more months to attract discount codes and coupons from various manufacturers. Keep looking till certain discount coupons attract your attention.

Hope we could help you formulate a list of DOs and DO NOTs. Visit us soon for monthly lists of Best Selling Items.