Here Comes the Bride… and Groom!


Hello, my lovely bride (and groom too)! If you’re reading this, I’m sure a huge congratulations is in order! As I’m sure you know, a lot goes into planning a wedding – floral arrangements, venue, menu, color scheme, etc. While your engagement and the months leading up to your wedding are some of the happiest of your life, they can also be the most stressful. So take a sip of your coffee, open your planning binder and take in some tips to help and provide some inspiration along the way!


Cocomelody is an exclusive online shop housing an abundant selection of designer bridal and bridesmaid gowns. Whether you like simple and timeless, princess or party, Cocomelody has the dress for you!



A major trend we are seeing for weddings in 2019 is the color purple – Shying away from the “rustic chic” neutral and pastel color palette into something deeper and more rich. Navy and dark green can be added into your bridal party as the perfect way to accent shades of purple. Cocomelody has a wide selection of colors to choose from to fit this trending theme such as; “Sparkling Grape”, “Grape Royale”, “Eden” and “Sodalite Blue” featured in hundreds of sizes and designs.


Another popular trend is mixing and matching your bridal party attire. The days of bridesmaids wearing the same cut and color dress is thing of the past. More and more brides are letting their party choose dresses based on which style and color flatter each individual best. Cocomelody offers a variety of bridesmaids dresses and suggestions for similar styles. This way each woman can stand out on her own, yet work cohesively and flatteringly as a group.


We can’t forget about the men now can we? Cocomelody is not just for the girls – They provide men’s wear as well to compliment each of their counterparts. Whether you’re looking for full suits and blazers or basic accessories, they got you covered


Now while I may not have helped to plan you entire ceremony and reception, I hope I was able to provide you with some inspiration and ideas. For more inspiration, take a look at Cocomelody’s Real Weddings tab and check out some of their featured weddings!