Holiday Gifting Guide 2016: 10 Beauty Gifts You Cannot Resist but Buy Them All


Valentine’s Day is almost a few weeks away and if you are planning to gift something special to your lady love, the time is now to act upon it and think. Okay, let’s help you with that, because we know what it takes to conjure a beauty casket and not Pandora’s box. Here are the details that need to be included.


1. For a clean face


face cleansers

She loves her glowing skin, but because of sensitivity she cannot afford to use makeup and step out into the sun too much. What you should think of is a cleansing cream to gift her, one that has collagen, vitamins, minerals and proteins in it, and is gentle to the skin type she has.


2. Toners for the pores


Quite often than not, she would be suffering from acne or pimples which are a result of grime and dirt hiding in the open pores of her skin. Help her here by getting her one of the best mild toners for her skin. Toners help unclog the pores and lock them too, to prevent infection and the settling of dirt in the small crevices.


3. Facial moisturizers


Her skin needs to be fed and nourished or else the glow wouldn’t come through before she applies makeup. You can gift her a couple of mild creamy moisturizers that are enriched with vitamin E and protein that does the job of keeping the facial skin, soft, supple and fed.


4. SPF 30 creams

The harmful UV rays of the sun and the free radicals that run amok if left unchecked can cause multiple skin issues and signs of ageing too. You don’t want that to happen to your lady, now do you? Gifting her a creamy formula to wear before going out and with SPF minimum 15 should be one of the items in that beauty box. Product like this can be found on target to save please use target promo code.


5. Best foundation


There are various high end brands and pretty economical ones that help doll up her face, and you should be aware of which one she uses. Each foundation has a skin code which would match the tone of the skin she has. So pick one that is enriched with vitamins and minerals; a matte or a mousse one in creamy liquids or powders, preferably.


6. An eye shadow palette

shutterstock_275676872You may or may not like her with too much makeup, but an eyewash is important which is why a naked eye shadow palette for every girl to own is a must. Enriched with vitamin E that soothes the eyes and a product that is nontoxic too, check for a naked palette so natural on the skin to gift her!


7. For intense eyes


It was her eyes that captured your imagination the first time you saw her in the college canteen, so help her doll the windows of her soul. Gift her an eyeliner enriched with vitamin E and one that is long lasting; no touch ups needed, which means she has more time to spend with you.


8. Lovely lips


For her loveliest pouty lips, she loves flaunting in all her selfies with you, you need to have a range of nude to flashy shades gifted to her. Choose lipsticks that are creamy in texture and with vitamins in it, which would keep her lip skin safe.


9. Long voluminous lashes


To help her enhance her eyes and the makeup she’s worn, you would need to gift her mascara- black, brown or nude. Mascara helps curl and doll up the lashes, giving it plenty of volume and pizzazz.


10. Bronzer or blush


For her to contour her cheekbones and to make her face look a little more divaish and sculpted, she would need the right bronzer to use. Check for nudes to pinks and peaches with blushers too.


Here were the ten ideal items in the beauty box; some of the best we found for you. Get shopping now and pack them nice! She would be impressed!