Sizzle & Shine: 4 Hot Makeup Looks for Upcoming Winter Wedding Party

Winter weddings are fun, with all the shor sharaba, glamorous bridal wear, yummiest piping food and of course the loud music and drum beats encapsulating the air around. With so much planning done and every detail taken into minute consideration, we shouldn’t be missing out on the final bridal look- a stunning appearance for D-Day. Keeping that in mind, we have here two tutorials on hot bridal makeup trends for the winter weddings and two hot makeup looks to seduce the many eyes around. Read on and be inspired.



Honey and chocolate eyes winter wedding makeup tutorial

Remember the song “Honey Honey” by ABBA, the good old disco pop group’s song gives us an idea to play with. Let’s get dressing up our eyes with honey-chocolate touches. Spring is all about the season of fruitfulness and blossoms, but a little sweetness added with yummy dark chocolate and a pinch of caramelized honey tones for the eyes, should be your fashion mantra this time.


1. Begin with an eye wash, using a nude eye shadow powder applied all over the eyelids- 1 stroke only

2. Dab a little translucent powder under the eyes, which helps collect fallen powdery particles of eye cosmetics

3. With the help of a dark brown eye pencil, color the outer corner lash lines- up and down, giving it two strokes each and smudging it into the lashes.

4. Use a matte black shadow now to colour the center portions of the upper and the lower lash lines, until you reach the end of the outer corner of the eyes – the brown shaded portion.

5. Grab an applicator brush and use copper brown or copper golden eye shadow now to blend very gently the black and the brown touches given to the eyes.

6. Do the same for the upper and the lower lash line, and complete the eye makeup with a stroke of light gold, just beneath the lower lash line.

7. Connect the lower and the upper inner corner of the eyes with a hint of light white shimmery powder, and use a matte black gel liner to line the upper lash line- you can wing the eyes to complete the lining look.

8. Final touches to the brow bone should be done with a stroke of shimmery nudes, which helps lift the look to finesse.

9. Wipe away the fall outs under the lower lash line

10.Conceal and dab under the eyes.


The Vintage look

What we love about the vintage look is that it allows you to look regal with minimal makeup and high sense of fashion involved. For the reception post the saath pheras or the vows taken at the altar, it a must to have a look that suits your ensemble. This look for example would work best with your lehengas or wedding salwars and even if you choose to wear an evening gown with a touch of shine, shimmer and embellishments on it. For the eyes, keep the shades on the lines of peach to pink, and the same shade for the blush on the cheeks too. For the lips, we would balance the look with dark reds with a glossy touch to make them full, pouty and standing out. And for the hair, here we would tie a low messy bun- embellished with a short birdcage veil or a lace headband to bring about a vintage look.


Sassy bridal rose red lips winter wedding makeup tutorial

Looking at the Indian skin tone and if you want the prettiest finish for the lips to come by, we would suggest the use of light rose shades for the lips- layer the pair well.

1. Begin by layering the lips, starting from Cupid’s brow all the way to the outer lip with a rose pink nude liner.

2. Use a lip brush to blend inwards the pigment from the rose pink liner into the lips

3. Add a little shimmery powder in the middle section of the lips and dab twice into the skin

4. Allow a second to pass, post which you shall now use a glossy rose pink lipstick to fill into the lips

5. The final step would be taking a blender brush and gently dabbing the pigment all over the inner portion of the lips, blending in the nude liner too- blot with a paper to create a stain.


Seductive tans and the icy blue eyes

Let’s beat the winter blues with icy blues on the eyes; a look that goes down well with all skin tones, hues and textures. This is a look which glows on tan to dusky skin the most, but you could mix a little foundation

with bronzer to achieve the tan look on the face and the neck, should you be pale to medium fair or very fair in skin tone. Choose a mix of medium shade and a dark shade foundation to begin with, and add a pinch of bronzer to it. Apply well over the face and the neck and wait. Now use a nude brown bronzer and give three angular strokes on the rim of the cheekbones, all the way to the temples. For the eyes, begin with a nude eye wash- use a nude shade closest to the skin tone or one shade lighter and apply one stroke per eyelid. Start from the inner corner of the eyes with light blue, and leave the shade ending at the mid section of the eyes. From the mid section, take a mix of silver-white and dark blue- mix and apply the shade from there to the outer corner of the eyes. Use two strokes of dark black kohl for the upper and lower lids and two strokes of mascara to enhance the look. Leave the lips nude to light brown for a sizzling appeal.


Here were four easy ways to dress your face up in a quirky and elegant way for the upcoming winter wedding parties or as a bride too. Do let us know your ideas as well; we’d be glad to learn a few from you too!