Celebrating an Unbreakable Bond that Sets You Free – MOTHER’S DAY!

Mother’s Day is here! This Sunday, the 10th of May, take a breather from your speeding lives of deadlines, goals, and to-do lists to acknowledge and honor the most consistent and constructive presence in your life. She is the one woman quintessentially indispensable to your life and journey of growth. She was there, present for all your milestones right from the first one. She was there when you opened your eyes to this life for the first time. She was there when you first smiled. She was there when you took in your first speck of food – your first sip, your first bite. She was watching over you keenly when you first crawled and when you first stood up. Your watchful partner was there by your side when you took your first step. And so you grew under the gaze of her perceptive eyes. Walking became running and jumping and soon you were dancing. As you progressed from being a pint sized bundle of joy to a full grown adult she shared each moment and emotion with you – ecstatic at your victories, crestfallen at your falls. You know your mother is the Rock of Gibraltar you can always count on – your best friend, and your guiding light.


Just one day?

One day in the year is too small an amount of time to celebrate the extraordinary and magical bond that connects forever, a mother and a child. While motherhood, the mother-child connection, and the role of the mother must be appreciated and celebrated every single day of the calendar year, it is nice and effective to have one symbolic day to commemorate the contribution of all the world’s wonderful mothers to the world we live in and life itself.


How it all began …

Looking back at the beginnings we see that Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in early 20th century. It all started when a woman called Anna Jarvis first held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. Anna’s mother had been a peace activist and Anna wanted to continue her work and demarcate a day to remember and salute mothers. This notion met with some opposition initially but eventually saw success and today, Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the second Sunday in May. Since the beginning carnations have been the traditional flowers of choice as gifts for Mother’s Day.


Expressing with gifts

Though flowers in all their pristine glory make heartwarming gifts full of genuine feeling for this special day, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is a once in a year affair – so don’t leave any stone unturned to convey your heartfelt sentiments to the most important woman in your life, your mother. There is a host of gift ideas to choose from. It is ideal to combine homemade and handmade gifts with purchased ones. No matter how exquisite a piece of jewelry you may have chosen for her, a handwritten note full of authentic feelings will surely leave your mother gleaming and feeling special for days and not only that – she will cherish it all for life. Among food items, your mother’s favorite brand of chocolates, candy, or cookies can be a time tested and always apt gift idea.


Gifting alternatives – selecting the PERFECT one

Feel you are running out of options to make the day exceptional? Worry not. There isn’t a dearth of alternatives to choose from and we have only just begun. From clothing and accessories to books to beauty products to right up until electronics – you can shop your heart out. Not just that, though cash is not a limiting factor when it comes to expressing your affection, respect, and gratitude towards your mother, it is always prudent to try and get the best deals. You don’t have to waste your time endlessly searching for great bargains because ChameleonJohn offers you a wide variety of options for savings, discounts, deals, free shipping and promo codes to choose from.


Books, Clothing, Accessories, Beauty Care …

If your mom is an avid reader who hasn’t yet warmed up to the idea of e-books, she will surely cherish a few paperback and hardbound copies of her favorite titles and editions. From Barnes & Nobles to Alibris to AbeBooks and Scholastic – books will make it a sure shot win-win gift for your mother this Mother’s Day. From something good to eat to something nice to read we come to something nice to wear. No matter what their age or size, women love dressing up and so does your mom. ChameleonJohn presents an almost exhaustive range of brand options to choose from with great deals on each. There’s Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Adidas, Clinique, The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, and ASOS to just name a very few. The list of brands for women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear, jewelry and beauty care products goes on a long way.


Electronics as gifts …

You live today surrounded by gadgets and innovation – a great way to speed up tasks conveniently and stay connected with the world around us. Your mother needs that too. Whether it be kitchen appliances, household gadgets, or mobile phones, and laptops – you mom will adore getting electronics as gifts whether she is a homemaker or a working woman or a multitasker doing both. Tapping away on her new smartphone, watching videos and social networking on her laptop, or cooking up a storm with her new gadgets in the kitchen – you will know that your money was well spent when you see your mother enjoying your electronic gifts and the changes they bring to her home and life. And then again, don’t forget to visit our coupons section for the maximum savings on your shopping spree. There are all the best brands to choose from be it Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Virgin, Currys, or Hhgregg – all in one place. Your one stop for discount shopping for your mother this Mother’s Day – ChameleonJohn!


The Kaleidoscopic mother-child bond … forever!

While this day for mothers is celebrated formally just once every year, it is paramount that you keep the spirit of Mother’s Day alive and thriving all through the year – every second, every minute, every day. And as minutes turn into days and days into years, you will find as age progresses that your bond with your mother grows stronger and more mature with new shades being added and new dimensions cultivated. Throughout your life you would have changed in your manner towards your mother. While you may have hugged her tight at time, at times you might have ignored her. While you might have poured your heart out to her at times, at times you might have been furious with her. While you might have taken her for granted at times, at times you might have missed her. As you grow older, you find yourself taking on a nurturing role towards your mother and no matter how strong and wise she seems – your affection will make her beam. The bond between a mother and child is kaleidoscopic in nature and lasts forever. So celebrate Mother’s Day everyday but additionally, do so this Mother’s Day on the 10th of May, 2015, in every way you can … with words, and gifts, and a thousand unspoken gestures embellished with a warm hug – show your mother you care. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!