Top 7 Shoe Trends This Year

If you’re anything like me, you probably have an obsession with shoes and always like to stay on trend with what’s “hot” this season or year.  Shoes are a great way to express yourself, but with an ever-changing range of styles, you have to keep up with everything. That tends to cause some problems though. You buy and buy and buy, and then they go out of style and you buy more. The secret to combating this is simple: keep the old, they’re bound to come back into style. That’s noted by the top seven shoe trends for 2020. You might see them and think, “I need to get all new shoes,” but before you do this, go through your closet; you might find some old styles hidden in there and that’s all right because they’re back in style this year. I tend to go through all my shoes twice a year and get rid of stuff that I haven’t worn. I donate all my old styles; however, if I buy less and just keep everything, there will come a point where they recycle and come back into style. If you keep old shoes, with the way fashion is going, if you get rid of something, you’re going to regret it later. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten rid of a pair of shoes and then shortly thereafter, maybe 3-5 years, they come back into style and I can’t help but wish I kept my shoes. This is all stuff to keep in mind. Read into the top 7 styles this year and go through your closet: my guess is that you might find some of these hidden in the back corner of your closet that you forgot you even had. And guess what? If you like what you see, I made it super simple to shop. Click on the image and you’ll find your new pair of shoes, you’re welcome in advance!

  • 1. Chain Details
    • Have you ever wanted to venture into the world of “edgy” fashion? A leather jacket is a start, but in order to go completely edgy, there are other elements that can, and should, be implemented as well. When you think of “edgy” fashion, I think of bikers, don’t ask me why, I’m not positive as to why that’s the first thing to come into my mind, but it is, and it works. Bikers are known for their leather and one other main component or accessory and that would be chains. Now, if you think really hard, I’m sure you can remember a time where it was cool for guys to carry their wallets around on a chain and you would see the chain hanging off their beltloop leading into the pocket. A pocket watch, once a very important element in mens’ fashion, was also attached to a chain. Well guess what? The chains are back. Chain details are becoming a top trend in shoes this year, and there are different ways you can implement it. You can make it the main focus on your shoe, or just have a decorative chain on the shoe to add a little something to the style. Either way, chain details are hot this year, and who doesn’t want to be a little edgy every now and then? Grab yourself some chain-detailed shoes and stay “chained” to the trends.
  • 2. Minimalism

When I was in college, one of my professors gave us an acronym to remember when we were studying creative strategies, and it’s something that has stuck with me since: K.I.S.S You’re probably thinking, what the heck does KISS stand for? It’s simple: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes, when developing our creative strategies, less was more, and that reigns true today. There are many times when I believe less is more, or simple is better, and if you have this same thought, you’re in luck, because that’s also on-trend this year. Minimalistic, simple shoes. This is something so versatile that it’s more than okay to splurge and get yourself some simple, basic staples in your shoe wardrobe. These styles are easy to match with a multitude of clothing options, so even if you have a super fancy outfit, your shoes can help you reel it in and simplify it a little more. I always look at someone’s shoes, mainly because of my obsession and the need to see if I need to add to my closet, but also because it says a lot about the person. Simple shoes don’t mean that you’re a simple person, sometimes it means that you are laid-back and down-to-earth, and sometimes there’s nothing better than that. Summertime is a time full of sandals and open-toed shoes, so get simple styles and paint those toes bright and vibrant and you’ll be right in line with the top style stars of the year.

  • 3. Strappy

Sometimes, an outfit calls for a simple shoe with a little something extra. Maybe it’s a little kitten heel to give it something more, or, maybe you’re going full Eskimo and need a pair of furry snow boots to make it work. There are many options as to how to go about this, but one option stands out to me, especially considering that it’s one of the top styles this year. Take a simple shoe, add some extra straps and there you have it: a strappy, on-trend shoe that adds a little something to your outfit. Now, there are a lot of ways to make strappy work, but there are also ways that it doesn’t work. One example is if you wear jeans. Some people may strap their shoes on top of their jeans, but that’s not always a good look. Maybe you can pull it off, but for me, I stay away from this. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give it a try, but you do what you feel is you and what you can rock. With strappy shoes, I’d be most likely to wear them with a dress or a skirt that doesn’t go too far below the knee just so the shoes can have their moment to shine. Everyone has their own style to carry out and stay true to themselves; however, take the trends of the year and make it your own. You do you, while being on top of the trendiest styles as well!

  • 4. Colorful Boots

Boots. Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? They’re so versatile and you can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear ankle boots or high boots, be it to the knee or even up to your thigh, whatever you prefer. Boots are probably my favorite type of shoe right next to sneakers, and that’s only because I wear sneakers every day for work. When I’m not working, it’s more likely you’ll find me in boots than anything else. I’m a sucker for boots, and it’s problematic. Every time I’m out shopping and see a pair of boots, I get the urge to buy them. My boyfriend gives me this look and I know he thinks I’m crazy and that the last thing I need is another pair of boots. Off the top of my head, I have 8 pairs of boots in my closet, and honestly no one really needs that many, but being that colorful boots are in style and on trend, maybe having a bunch of different colored boots is a good thing. I don’t have any colorful boots, but this might be my excuse to go buy new shoes. Who can choose just one color when colorful boots are one of the top trends this year? Go all out with some bright red boots to make a statement, or keep it simple with a slick, white leather boot. With so many colors, there are so many ways for you to implement a nice, colorful boot into your wardrobe.

  • 5. Platforms

Flashback to the late 90s early 2000s. My guess is you had a pair of Steve Madden, or Madden Girl, black platform sandals that you wore literally everywhere. You grew up, you grew out of them and then you could never find the right pair again. Fear not, they’re back in this year. You don’t necessarily have to get those sandals, but platforms in general are back and better than ever. You can search high and low for those Madden sandals, but I can’t promise they’ll be easy to find. I tried and I tried, but I can’t find the exact same pair that I had way back then. There’s a similar pair that’s more 2020; however, if we’re going back to the platforms, we need to do it right. If you find the “OG” Madden platforms, share the wealth with the rest of us! Sure, we can replace them, but the nostalgia is real. There are so many different styles of platforms available that you can keep true to your own personal style while also sticking to the trends of the season.  You’re bound to find something that you know you’ll wear all the time, so get started now! Buy those summer platform sandals now or find a different platform style to your liking. Start with these suggestions below and go from there to find your style!

  • 6. Loafer

As you can see from the last shoe, the loafer is another style that is back in action. While there’s not a whole lot of differences in loafers, they’re still a very versatile shoe. A loafer is a loafer, no doubt, but it could be formal, casual or business. Loafers are an always comfortable option that also allow for trendy styling. You can get a dressy loafer or a loafer for every day wear, you pick! Whatever you need, you can make it work for you. You’ll always be on trend and in style with this option. Never say no to something as simple as a loafer, and don’t get rid of them either because this style is constantly cycling through seasons. Personally, I don’t think loafers will ever go out of style, so keeping them in your closet is never a bad idea.

  • 7. The Mary Jane

Remember when you were little and your mom would always buy you these cute little Mary Janes and you would wear them with the white socks, folded over and a little ruffle on the end? If you didn’t, I’m sorry this was never part of your childhood, because it was the look that won all looks. But, if you didn’t wear it then, you might have a chance to redeem yourself. Well, let’s take it back to the good old days, because the Mary Jane is back and better than ever. You don’t necessarily have to wear it with the frilly socks like you did between ages 3 and 5, but you can return to your childhood glory and rock the Mary Janes any day of the week. If you want to wear the frilly socks, there’s nothing wrong with that, you do you and rock whatever you want to and keep your style yours.

Overall, there are many shoes that were once in style that are making a comeback, but this is a common occurrence in the world of fashion and trends. Looking back through the years, there really hasn’t been a time that something went out of style and didn’t come back in at some point or another. Remember being little and rocking the scrunchies and black, stretchy necklaces? Both of those have come back into style, scrunchies especially. Scrunchies aren’t always worn in the hair, sometimes they’re just worn as an accessory, a bracelet of sorts. Either way, these nostalgic trends have found a way back into the world today. This seems to be pretty typical anymore, so if I were you, I’d start keeping those “out of style” trends for the future because they’ll start to come back into style one time or another.

So of all these trends that are coming back into style, which one are you most excited for? I can’t make my own decision, but regardless, they’re all trends that I can get behind and work with.