Want to Get Rich Sooner? Avoid These Financial Sale Tactics

One look at the newspapers, the magazines or endless digital platforms and we see a plethora of articles/stories on various blogs, forums and websites as to how you can ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, ideas and offers. SOUNDS INTERESTING AND VERY TEMPTING, doesn’t it? Well who doesn’t want to get rich and be a millionaire, OVERNIGHT! It is a tempting dream for many, and we wouldn’t say it hasn’t happened too many out there, but how sure are we about those fancy testimonials and checks posted online as PROOF?



You never pay to get more

The first thing we would want you to be very wary about is that you should never PAY a penny to the PROMISES of receiving ten times ten. There are no spells, magic mantras, potions and get-rich-quick schemes that work overnight to fill your bank balance. Beware of such tactics and ploys. Most consumers pay a minimal fee to get a book or a set of CDs and DVDs that link you to other companies that would ask you to invest more, to receive that much wanted million dollars check- THESE ARE SCAMS AND THEY DO NOT WORK!

5 traps and get-rich-quick schemes you should completely avoid!

  1. Be practical. We are often told to follow our passion and creativity and to do whatever it is we want- ask yourself how successful would you be in a very materialistic world doing that. Of course the noted celebrities keep saying that, but what they would never tell you with their plentiful narcissistic talks is that the brawny moments they went through, the struggles, the number of times they have been cheated, and the honey badger theories that cared two-hoots about what they did for a living. What they should in fact talk to you about are the ways to make it to the rich list, solutions to problems that stop you from the same, and they should stop selling the FEEL-GOOD-FACTOR to you! What you should do is to keep an eye on the market trends, and know what runs and what stays stagnant- this is how the real deal would be struck and how the money would come through as well.
  2. Find real customers- For Pete’s sake, stop being involved in entrepreneurial nonsense and if you want to start a business, find real customers who want real stuff- not some hogwash and gibberish! Self-flagellation means being busy just to show you are, and that is once again the FEEL-GOOD-FACTOR, which the scamsters are trying to sell to you. What have you accomplished in return for all the time, energy and money you invested? NOTHING! The solution would be to identify your needs, your customers, and move ahead communicating and making channels work for you. Use your phone, your email, your social media and more, and get a lovely business card and a website to start with as well- BUT DO NOT INDULGE IN SELF-FLAGELLATION to earn more!
  3. Don’t throw in the towel YET! By this we mean, even if you do not succeed at first, analyze and learn from your mistakes, check the leads and learn the ART OF SELLING. Selling is all about persuasion, and you wouldn’t be able to sell or execute an idea, if you really do not know how to sell what the real-customer out there wants. Find potential customers to sell an idea to, to sell your product to, and make them your potential investors. GET REAL and talk to REAL MEN AND WOMEN who want REAL STUFF!
  4. “I know the market well, MY MBA SCHOOL taught me that”– Congratulations on the high MBA score and the major job offer with an esteemed company. You aren’t the ‘start’ employee anymore, because your BOSS AT WORK looks at you like a slave who needs to bring more to the table! Your degree in this day and age doesn’t stand out as it would have in your parent’s day and age; you have college debts to pay and that is for real. And for crying out loud, the best and most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen these days are drop-outs; get the drift before it is too late!
  5. Why bother about the opinion of the sheep- Just because your brother invested in a get-rich-quick fonzy scheme and made thousands over the years, don’t think that the same would work for you. What he didn’t tell you about are the many unscrupulous arm-twisting ways he went through to come to where he is today. You have to put yourself out there to judge and see for real, even if it is your own blood trying to convince you to a sale! SEE HOW SELLING WORKS here! Give no ears to the pressure he puts on you for an investment from your end- IT WONT WORK!

Is it that easy to be a millionaire?

The answer is NO, and if it was a simple walk down the road to win heirloom and fortune, the world wouldn’t have NGOs helping to feed the millions out there, cloth them and self-empower them as well. We all would have been millionaires, born with golden spoons in our mouths from day one- don’t you think? Be smart and act wise, financially always.