What Are The Best Towels To Buy This Towel’s Day?

May 25, 2014 is near at hand! It is recognized the world over as Internation Towel Day. This very day is a fitting tribute to the emeritus Douglas Adams, the author of  the masterpiece, Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

What Does The Towel’s Day Signify?

On this day, people tend to carry towels along with them to school, colleges and offices. The towels carried symbolize calmness and tranquility. People carrying towels, on this day, have to make sure that they avoid panicking under any circumstance. Irrespective of the troubles and quandary, people need to remind themselves of their happy times, thus remaining calm.
Millions of people, across the globe, purchase the best available towels in order to celebrate this occasion. A perfect towel is the one which is soft and allows drying the hand and body effortlessly. The towel’s property of absorption is the prime feature that determines its quality.

With advent of online stores, people are increasingly banking on buying top notch towels, online. In this regard, Retail Me Not has evolved as an exquisite online portal that aids buyers with discount offers and codes! Buyers can get information pertaining to which online stores are providing flat discounts. The most trending offer is available at Kohls.com that offers 50-60% Off on online purchases from Kohl.com
Here is a small list of the best towels you should buy to celebrate the auspicious Towel’s Day.

1.      Pima Cotton Towels: The towels made from Pima Cotton have long staples making it one of the best quality towels available in the market. Pima Cotton is generally grown is the south western states of America. These towels are cheaper than Egyptian Towels, though they provide similar absorbency and sumptuousness. The Deal Rack Store is currently doling out Pima Cotton Towels up to 83% discounts.

 2.      Egyptian Towels: These towels are made from Egyptian cotton, which is considered to have long staples. These long and fluffy staples allow the towel to be soft and also allow it to soak liquid faster than other materials. The cotton used in these towels is grown exclusively in Egypt. It is considered to be the best quality towel available in the market, and is also counted to be the most expensive one. To avail 15% Off on colorful Egyptian Towels, use code: cooldown15. To avail 20% Off, use code: cyber20.

3.      Synthetic Towels: The most commonly used towels are the one made using synthetic materials. Although these towels are not high on quality, yet they are preferred because of its low price. You can avail a 10% discount on purchases over $100, by using the code: TEN.

 4.      Organic Cotton Towels: People are now becoming increasingly aware of the environment. This reason has made people opt for towels made from organic cotton.  Towels prepared from ‘organic’ materials are safe to use. These towels may not be as soft as the Egyptian ones, but are considered the best for one’s health. At Gaiam.com, Organic Cotton Towels can be obtained at a flat 20% Off.