What to eat this year: Healthiest snacks to buy in 2014

The best fiber bar to buy this year seems to be the one manufactured by Fiber One. This bar is high on protein and fiber and low on fat and sugar. One fiber bar contains approximately 4 gram of protein and 9 grams of fiber. This is approximately one half of the total fiber required for your body. With a hectic work life it’s not always possible to consume whole grains in appropriate quantities so shop for this bar to snack on.
Gorge on Atkins Protein bars
Proteins are said to be the building blocks of life and are essential to maintain good health. If you feel that you are not consuming enough protein then you can purchase the peanut butter protein bar sold by Atkins. You will get more protein from one of this bar than from two chicken sandwiches. Plus it’s packed with fiber and tastes awesome. Shop now and fight those hunger pangs!
Buy delicious chocolate bars
The Larabar is voted to be the best chocolate brownie bar in the American market. This bar has a lot of natural ingredients which makes it as healthy as a deliciously chocolaty bar can get. This bar is also packed with protein which makes it a tasty yet healthy fruit and chocolate bar.
Snack on cereal bars
So you have to rush out to work every morning and cannot eat a decent breakfast due to lack of time? Well, guess what! Half of the adult working American population is subjected to the same situation. The solution is to purchase boxes of deliciously fruity, super healthy cereal bars. Yu can get cereal bars in exotic flavors like blueberry, kiwi, raspberry apart from home favorites like banana and strawberry.
Drink awesome vegetable juice
Unlike packaged fruit juice which is notoriously high in sugar, vegetable juice is much healthier and surprisingly tasty. Each glass of vegetable juice has the equivalent value of 2 servings of vegetables which makes it an excellent dietary choice. The best company to buy it from seems to be V8 from popular consumer choice. Shop for a bottle now and carry it along to work to increase your nutritional intake.
Indulge in a fruity smoothie
A smoothie is a delicious blend of fruit, milk and naturally sourced cream and sugar. You can buy a berry smoothie which is a great blend of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and Grapes. The Bolthouse smoothies are great tasty and are enhanced with a lot of antioxidants. Ditch those artificial vitamin supplements and drink up a natural smoothie which has double the goodness plus great taste.
Stir in a protein shake

Protein shakes are important enough to be consumed by every adult person who wants to lead an active working life. Whey protein, soya protein, mixed protein and casein; there are so many options in protein shakes that it’s difficult to choose one. The EAS protein shake is rumored to be really great in taste.